Compare MX-v25-D036 with Mx-D16B-F-6D6N119  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
Colour / Monochrome
Colour / Monochrome
Resolution TVL
6 MP
Sensitivity lux
0.001 ~ 0.1
Dome Type
Digital (DSP)
Mount Type
ceiling, wall, pole
Back Light Compensation
White Balance

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MOBOTIX Video Surveillance Solution Protects Edmund Rice College, Sydney
MOBOTIX Video Surveillance Solution Protects Edmund Rice College, Sydney

Edmund Rice, formally Christian Brothers College, was established in 1926 and is an independent Catholic high school for boys located in the heart of the picturesque Illawarra district, to the south-west of Sydney. The founder of the Christian Brothers, Edmund Rice, lends the school its present-day name. Installation Of New Surveillance System Since 2013 Edmund Rice College has invested millions to bring cutting-edge facilities to their students, including a first-class sports hall, state-of-the-art computing facilities, and new learning spaces both inside and out. The school’s current 1980s analog security system was only semi-operational and not up to the essential task of protecting these assets. Only authorized members of staff have access to review or download foot­age, with neither studentsnor teachers able to do so So, the principal called in Dean Scanlen from Forcefield Security to carry out repairs. Dean knew that continuing to repair the increasingly defunct technology was not a long-term solution: “I suggested, why not include the installation of a brand-new security system in the Sports Hall into the construction cost? I explained the savings that would be seen in the long term and how it was a perfect time to incorporate into the larger project.” The decentralized design of the MOBOTIX cameras with intelligent low bandwidth requirements allowed integration into the school’s existing network and MOBOTIX hemispheric technology meant fewer cameras cover larger areas. With license-free regularly upgraded firmware, and cameras built to last and to stringent quality standards, MOBOTIX technology offered an economical long-term solution and was perfect for the school. Furthermore, as many areas to be covered were internal, the competitive pricing of the indoor range brought even greater savings upfront. “In order to convince them, I suggested that they try out one MOBOTIX camera. They used it for a month, and came back more than happy and ready to go ahead with the entire installation,” Dean explains. MOBOTIX Video Surveillance Solutions A combination of M15s and D15 easily protected the exterior of the building and only a single i25, MOBOTIX hemispheric indoor camera, was needed to cover the entire sports hall arena A modern alarm system was fitted in the Sports Hall and MOBOTIX cameras were installed around the outside and inside of the building. A combination of M15s and D15 easily protected the exterior of the building and only a single i25, MOBOTIX hemispheric indoor camera, was needed to cover the entire sports hall arena. Positive results were seen quite soon afterwards, with the access reliable footage acting to reduce incidences of bullying and fighting. Extremely happy with the installation, the school were eager for the newly refurbished library to be secured next. By this stage the VMS (video management software) had been upgraded to the newly released MxMC (MOBOTIX Management Center), making installation even simpler. In spite of its size, the library only required 2 indoor hemispheric c25 cameras to monitor the whole area. Q25s and D15s were installed to keep a watchful guard on the entrance and exterior respectively. Thanks to MxMC’s intelligent sorting of all parameters, which supports visual control and drag&drop, installation time was significantly cut. Pros Of MOBOTIX Decentralized Technology MOBOTIX decentralized technology keeps bandwidth requirements extremely low, allowing a secure subnet to be installed on the school’s existing network without causing any extra burden. Indeed, at busy times, such as during class when students are using computer equipment, the cameras delay sending footage, storing it in a buffer designed specifically for this purpose. “IT didn’t even see an imprint of MOBOTIX on their network,” Dean explains. Edmund Rice College can now look to the future with reassurance, knowing that they have a scalable, flexible security system built to last Live monitoring takes place in a local control room performed by security staff, and only authorized members of staff have access to review or download foot­age, with neither students nor teachers able to do so. Further measures were taken to protect the privacy of students in view of the new system, by disabling all microphones on the cameras during teaching hours. However, at night time, the microphones are switched on through a custom setting, so that the control room can speak to anyone on site using remoteGUARD. Protection Against Vandalism The cameras have already had their first major win protecting computer equip­ment from vandalism. “Someone had been swapping the letters over on the keyboards in the computer room,” Dean explains. “Using MxMC, we reviewed the recordings and found perfect footage of the culprits in action. They were repri­manded and asked to pay for new keyboards. It had happened in the past and the school hadn’t been able to catch them, until now.” Edmund Rice College can now look to the future with reassurance, knowing that they have a scalable, flexible security system built to last. MOBOTIX decentral­ized technology made installation simple, with no new cabling nor additional infrastructure required. This, along with the great coverage provided by hemispheric technology and the lower price point of indoor cameras, meant a sophisticated security system was also affordable. And, because MOBOTIX firmware is license-free and regularly updated, the school have the reassurance of knowing the system will remain cutting-edge for many years to come.

MOBOTIX Cameras Ensure Relaxation In Nature At The Mawell Resort, Langenburg
MOBOTIX Cameras Ensure Relaxation In Nature At The Mawell Resort, Langenburg

A total of ten MOBOTIX cameras have been installed at the Mawell Resort in Langenburg, Germany Arrive. See. Feel. Dive in. This is the concept of the 5-star wellness hotel Mawell Resort, which has been carved into the cliff in an exposed setting at the entrance to the German town of Langenburg. This wellness resort nestled in natural surroundings is sure to impress: The concealed entrance hides a 150-meter long underground path to the reception. Guests have plenty of chances to be thoroughly pampered in the massage and treatment rooms and the large wellness area. An outdoor forest pool suspended over the valley offers a breathtaking view. A highlight of the luxury resort is the approximately 30-meter high tower that provides a panoramic view of the Jagst valley, the Langenburg castle and over the Hohenlohe plains. The hotel also features a bar, pool and sauna. The 55 luxuriously-designed hotel rooms are split across five separate floors. The individual buildings are connected to one another via the underground path. A total of ten MOBOTIX cameras have been installed at the entrances, parking lots, the foyer and along the underground paths in order to guarantee the security required for the resort. Robust And Weatherproof Video Systems “The security concept was already planned during the construction phase so that the necessary cables and connections could be laid directly,” explains Oliver Köhler, the Technical Director responsible for camera implementation at Mawell Resort. Firstly, the areas in need of special surveillance were identified and the necessary requirements for the cameras were defined. For example, the video systems needed to be very robust and weatherproof in outdoor areas. The camera in the entrance area needed to be capable of night recording. A lot of value was also placed on the video system’s high resolution. Further criteria included being able to store the recordings on an NAS (network attached storage) system. Another request was that the security solution be POE (Power over Ethernet)-compatible, meaning that it could be supplied with power via an Ethernet cable. The Right Cameras For Each Area After testing various systems, the choice was made for cameras from the German manufacturer MOBOTIX. “We chose MOBOTIX cameras because they fulfilled all of our requirements and are also incredibly flexible to install,” explains Köhler. What’s more, the cameras from the manufacturer, based in the Palatinate region of Germany, stand out thanks to their decentralized system. Recording takes place both internally on an SD card and externally on a USB stick or on NAS hard drives via the IP network, offering nearly unlimited storage capacity. The number of cameras per server can be up to ten times higher than the central VMS-based recording offered by competitors thanks to this decentralized recording via the network using the cameras themselves. Fewer cameras are required than would be needed with analog or standard IP systems, due to dual images and hi-res No PC or additional software is required. Even if there are a large number of cameras recording, this decentralized solution can considerably cut down on storage requirements, as each camera can reduce the video to the frame rate and image size required for storage, independent of the live video. Hemispheric Technology To Eradicate Blind Spots The M24M Allround video systems and T24 Door Station are quick and easy to install, and guarantee the necessary security for different entrance areas. The T24 IP Video Door Station relieves the night porter’s workload in particular as a solution for door communication and entrance control. The camera module stores all activities outside the entrance door, triggered by the doorbell, movements in the image area or electrical contacts. Hemispheric technology allows the camera to cover the entire entrance area from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling without any blind spots, and without ever needing to mechanically tilt or pan. The parking lot and the various service passages are secured with DualDome D14 cameras. With a 90 degree viewing angle and telephoto lens, the cameras make it possible to monitor the path and parking lot in wide range while simultaneously recording details with the telephoto lens. The digital sensor switching function of the D14 day/night camera is particularly suited to this task as it is also equipped with one color and one black/white module. This ensures strong color accuracy during the day and high sensitivity at night. Instant Alert Notifications Constant surveillance from a video control center is not necessary as the camera also features motion detection, which can trigger recording and alert notifications via e-mail or VoIP telephone call with two-way communication. “Our workload is significantly lightened by the fact that MOBOTIX cameras are equipped with motion detectors and we are immediately alerted if any movement occurs. This means that employees are no longer required to constantly sit in front of a screen and view the recordings,” explains Köhler. “If and when an alarm is triggered, we view the frames and react accordingly.” Furthermore, like all MOBOTIX cameras, it is very robust, requires little maintenance and is highly weatherproof. It can be installed in areas with temperatures between -30 to +60 (-22°F to +140°F) degrees without any problems. Benefits For Security Personnel The DualDome D15 camera, installed in the reception area, also features this motion detection. The integrated MxActivitySensor is particularly beneficial to the security personnel at the Mawell Resort. This new video motion analysis is integrated into all cameras with 5-megapixel technology and significantly reduces the number of false alarms. For example, shadows or plants moving in the wind, which are in the camera’s viewing screen, are no longer classified as relevant events, something that would not be possible in systems without this technology. Only relevant events, such as people entering the area, trigger an alarm. Two separate areas or rooms can be monitored simultaneously without any blind spots thanksto the hemispheric dual lens The camera’s new 5-megapixel technology impresses with clear color images even under low light conditions thanks to enhanced light sensitivity. This presents a major advantage due to the changing light conditions in the foyer. The image sensor technology ensures top-quality dual images of 2 × 5 megapixels, meaning that the reception area can be secured with a single camera. Because of dual images and high resolution, fewer cameras are required to record the necessary image sections than would be needed with analog or standard IP systems. This reduces the number of cameras required for the Mawell Resort, thereby saving on costs. Discreet Security guaranteed an S15 FlexMount was installed in the entrance area for deliveries. The compact video system can be installed universally and is suitable for concealed mounting. The weatherproof IP camera has two miniature sensor modules, which are each connected to the camera housing with a two-meter cable. For example, two separate areas or rooms can be monitored simultaneously without any blind spots thanks to the hemispheric dual lens. “We are really impressed by the video systems currently installed in the entrance areas. They provide us and our guests with the necessary security,” says Wolfgang Maier, Director of the Mawell Resort. “This puts our guests completely at ease and guarantees a relaxing time at the idyllic wellness hotel.” The Mawell Resort plans to soon install a further three S15 cameras. These should ensure even more security for the other entrance areas.

MOBOTIX IP Camera Solution Secures Italian Ministry Of Economy And Finance
MOBOTIX IP Camera Solution Secures Italian Ministry Of Economy And Finance

To the lay person they appear to be simple LED light spots going back to the original style of illumination of the old 1800s palace (1876) that currently houses the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, and that historically represents the first great building of the newly reborn Roman capital, as commissioned by the former Minister Quintino Sella. Hidden In Plain Sight The carefully hidden technology, however, transforms each of the 20 light points (appropriately designated “Roma lights”) decorating the external perimeter into a state-of-the-art tool to guarantee the security of the public in the area around the Ministry. The transformation is executed thanks to the internal installation of IP cameras produced and distributed world-wide by the German company MOBOTIX, equipped with software for recording and processing the images. Notwithstanding the innovation of the performance, the new lighting systems are perfectly integrated, from an aesthetic point of view, with the historic palace where they are installed: A very advanced system, therefore, in terms of technology, but completely hidden inside a design in perfect harmony with the place where the light spot is installed, as envisioned and implemented by Dr. Massimo Belli, Appointed Administrator of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Dr. Umberto Dall’Aglio, Director of the VI Office of the IV Department of the Ministry and by Architect Gianluca Canofeni, Director of the Works and Technical Administrator of the IV Department. High Efficiency At A Low Cost The transformation is executed thanks to the internal installation of IP cameras produced and distributed by MOBOTIX  “The motivation for the project was multifaceted: On the one hand to realize a control system based upon state-of-the-art video surveillance tools, and on the other hand implementing a new lighting project to substantially reduce electricity consumption – within the scope of energy efficiency –, guaranteeing at the same time a much longer useful life, and as a result a substantial reduction of maintenance costs”, said Lieutenant Colonel Saverio La Monaca, chief of the Central Security Organization of the Ministry. As per the costs, the analysis carried out by the Ghisamestieri teams, obviously as a function of the actual system utilization give a clear picture: It is foreseen that the initial investment will be recouped within only 4 or 5 years and economic savings of even 50% between the fifth and fifteenth year of useful life of the system. With respect to energy savings, MOBOTIX’ video cameras provide a further guarantee, since their energy consumption is extremely low in comparison with other technologies present on the market: about 4 to 6 watts per hour. MOBOTIX DualDome Cameras The project, comprises today 20 wall light spots installed in strategic positions throughout the Ministry. Each shelf hides inside 2 MOBOTIX DualDome cameras with 180 degrees field of view, for an overall total of 40 high-resolution IP security cameras. The images can be recorded inside the cameras 24/7 (color, and black and white) to be viewed at the control center located inside the Ministry building. The security personnel belonging to the military branch of the Financial Guard manage the complete video surveillance apparatus and constantly monitor the images of the cameras in real time. 10 wireless routers manufactured by the young Italian company 3WLan, are installed inside a similar number of wall brackets and are capable of guaranteeing the bi-directional Wi-Fi link between the control center and the patrols active outside the palace. This is possible thanks to an authentication on a RADIUS server that identifies the access permissions of the router on a list of authorized equipment. Exchange Data And Images In Real Time The new wireless system guarantees much more reduced operating expenses against a much more intensive use profile" “Especially in case of demonstrations, which is actually very common, our security operators are involved in the so-called pacification operations outside the palace for the purpose of first of all protecting the ministerial magistrates. These are carried out both on foot and inside our patrols – which implies the need to rapidly cross-check the owner of a particular vehicle or verifying the personal data on passports and identification documents. "Before installing the new intelligent light spots we relied on a GSM system that was, however, very expensive. The new wireless system guarantees much more reduced operating expenses against a much more intensive use profile”, added Giancarlo Varvo, who is responsible for security. The video surveillance technology available on the patrol vehicles, which are also equipped with tools to read license plates, or palmtop operating systems (also known as explorers) supplied to foot patrols, once within the radius of coverage of the poles equipped with Wi-Fi antennas, have the option of exchanging data and images with the operations center inside the Ministry by means of a recognition system. Furthermore, by connecting to a specific IP address, external patrols have the possibility to view the images recorded by a specific video camera in real time. Remote Day/Night Illumination Management Each support is also equipped with a remote switch that allows managing the illumination and video surveillance functions completely autonomously and independently from each other. While the light source turns on at dusk and switches off at sunrise, the cameras continue functioning 24/7, according to the specific settings they may record both in continuous mode or trigger upon an event, such as the movement of a pedestrian, or a sound. The cameras placed close to the entrances of the Ministry are capable of sending alerts in real time to the operations center, or activating a bollard along the perimeter thanks to an automatic vehicle license plate reading system. In fact, the operations room located inside the Ministry remotely controls the recording of more than 1,600 cameras" Nothing to object about the support of the engineers of Ghisamestieri, that proved to beat all times available and collaborative in answering the requirements of the Ministry. Also, no complaints about Genius, a unique world-wide illumination solution, capable of offering high level design and advanced technology in a single solution. No objections about the technology made in Germany of MOBOTIX. Securing The Facility With Additional Cameras “In addition to the project implemented with Ghisamestieri, we employed the technology of MOBOTIX also for other types of requirements, still obviously related to the security of the Ministry: 36 AllroundMono security cameras have already been installed on the roof of the palace to check potential attacks for instance through the air vent conduits to the so-called Tempest room, a completely aseptic environment for the protection of communications inside the Ministry. "In fact, the operations room located inside the Ministry remotely controls the recording of more than 1,600 cameras installed in various facilities connected to the department”, underscores Varvo. The light spots installed in Rome find their place in a wider project, where any illumination support can potentially serve as a technology node. Named “Genius” by their creators, regardless of the design or aesthetic form, any light spot is potentially capable of becoming a true security center, perfectly integrated from the aesthetic and urban points of view into city decor. Equipped with microphones and speakers, MOBOTIX’ cameras can put the citizens in touch with the operations centers of the police or ambulances by means of special buttons placed at the base of the pole or through the implementation of an RFID or magnetic strip identification system. “With respect to traditional poles with well-visible cameras installed outdoors, Genius represents a true video security system, not just a simple crime deterrent”, concluded Varvo.