New Product Profile and Product, Technology Areas

The guidelines below are suggested guidelines for advertisers to provide material that is already formatted in the "house style". reserves the right to moderate and change copy if required.  It is imperative that all copy needs to be relatively descriptive, objective and informative.

Please note: maximum acceptable length is number of characters not letters.  Spaces count as characters.

Information requirements:

Product profile title: Maximum of 45 characters
Datasheet: Please attach the product datasheet as a PDF for downloading.
Product profile content: We recommend that copy be at least 500 characters. Please note that you can send any type of security product to feature in the New Product Showcase.

Please also send us the following:

Images (appear on website): Please attach maximum of 5 images (depending on the length of copy) in 500x500 px at 72-300dpi in .JPG.  The main image will appear in the product profile and throughout the website. Additional images will be displayed as thumbnails in the product profil, which will be enlarged when a user clicks on them.
Company logo:
Highest possible resolution, .JPG, 400x400 px, max. 20 KB New Product Profile - Technical Specifications