New Remote Cleaning Option For Geutebruck’s Argus Precision Pan & Tilt System

Product Profile

With its IP66-weatherproof and V4A-corrosion resistant housing, its dirt and water-repellent window and its maintenance-free drive system, ArgusGeutebruck's high speed, precision pan and tilt system is designed for high performance and reliable operation in inaccessible and inhospitable environments. To deal with any particularly tenacious water drops, snow flakes, insects or spiders which cling to the front glass and obscure visual detail Geutebruck is now offering a new AirBlastCleaner. This is a maintenance-free device which can be fitted to new and existing units to enable the control room operator to clean the front glass with a short blast of compressed air, without leaving his seat. 

Argus delivers a smooth, stable image, even with a high power zoom, and pans at any speed from a slow crawl (0.01°/s) to a very fast sweep (200°/s). Its automatic homing facility returns the camera precisely to its proper position +/- 0.01°. 

When fitted with a colour CCTV camera and a thermal imaging camera, it is a formidable tool for intruder detection on large open sites, round the clock and in any weather. Immune to the effects of dazzling lights, darkness, mist or smoke, thermal imaging is ideal for spotting intruders from a considerable distance. For more information visit this link

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Technical Specification

Make Geutebruck
Model code ARGUS-AirBlastCleaner
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 230 V AC
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature C: -30 ~ +50
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 215 x 650 x 187
Additional info Non-contact cleaning. Operating pressure up to 7 bar. Maintenance free operation. Remote controllable. Integrated into the GEUTEBRÜCK-System.
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