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Userful Corporation, a provider of AV-over-IP solutions for enhanced video communication since 2015, announces the launch of a new communications concept, the visual networking platform, an architecture that centrally manages all video and visual communication throughout an entire organization.

As part of this launch, Userful also announced the first three products that will comprise the platform: Userful Enterprise, Userful Cloud, and the uClient. With this suite of products, integrated with smart digital signage displays from LG Electronics, Userful is spearheading the creation of a new class of enterprise products--the visual networking platform--tailored to meet the central management needs of corporate IT departments as they integrate a diversity of complex AV applications over traditional IP networks.

Visual networking platform

Deploying the visual networking platform can improve an organization’s operating efficiency up to 80 percent Deploying the visual networking platform can improve an organization’s operating efficiency up to 80 percent while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 40 percent or more. The visual networking platform enables and accelerates digital transformation by way of deployment, management, and control of multiple visual display applications across the organization.

AV/IT managers can choose either an on-premise server solution, a fully cloud-based solution, or even select the hybrid option combining cloud services with on-premise servers, depending on their needs and content applications. Leveraging the flexibility of a visual network platform to power all requirements in a multi-site environment is a key strength for organizations wanting to effectively utilize their display assets.

Centrally managed environment

Userful Enterprise software effectively delivers content from any source to any combination of screens, in a real-time and centrally managed environment. The solution uses a central computing server to provide multiple different visual applications, delivering solutions to a wide range of the visual needs of an organization.

The flexibility of the architecture and its set of features—including content scheduling, remote desktop sharing, and virtual keyboard-video-mouse (KVM)-like interaction—enables organizations to leverage video content for many applications: control rooms and security centers, meeting rooms, dashboards, and KPI visualization, lobby and common areas, manufacturing and logistics, digital signage and more.

Providing visual content

Userful Cloud is the first industry solution to fully eliminate any hardware requirements for visual applications

Userful Cloud is the first industry solution to fully eliminate any hardware requirements for visual applications. It moves the functionality of Userful Enterprise to the cloud providing visual content management flexibility to AV/IT teams managing multiple sites. Userful Cloud includes a secure interface that enables remote access from a browser to manage all visual content in real-time.

The uClient app loads onto smart signage displays and replaces thin clients, media players, cables, extenders, and other hardware typically required to display content on screens throughout an organization. Userful is introducing uClient on LG’s webOS Signage platform as its entry into smart displays to enable the capabilities of LG’s array of webOS enabled digital signage displays for multiple applications including video walls, digital signage, and information dashboards.

Cloud storage space

The uClient connects the visual networking platform with the family of LG Smart Displays, and includes a wide range of advanced features, such as zones, scheduling, cloud storage space, display synching for video walls, and more. Content is delivered directly to the display from the network and is the first solution to support video wall management in its many forms.

Enterprise communication has come a long way since the days of handwritten memos, yet it still hasn't fully tapped the potential that video communication offers," said Clark Brown, vice president, LG Business Solutions USA. "The integration of Userful’s uClient and the webOS platform provides the ideal solution for video communications across the enterprise, bringing unparalleled flexibility and effectiveness by eliminating unnecessary hardware and delivering content directly from the cloud."

On-Premise solutions

Userful's suite of visual networking platform products maximizes flexibility by allowing AV/IT teams to meet specific requirements of applications throughout the enterprise with a single solution; for example, they can deploy uClient:

  • On webOS Signage displays with Userful Cloud to manage content from anywhere with no additional on-site hardware. Ideal for digital signage and KPI/dashboard applications.
  • On webOS Signage displays that connect to a Userful Enterprise on-premise server for control rooms and more demanding applications.
  • As a hybrid combination using both cloud and on-premise solutions in the same deployment.

Providing private demonstrations

"In industries ranging from transportation to telecommunications, organizations can now fully leverage the opportunities created by networking video and visual content over traditional IP networks. As opposed to the piecemeal AV solutions available in the past, Userful Enterprise and uClient now make visual content available to all departments within the organization," said John Marshall, Userful's Chief Executive Officer.

"Our focus on software and the cloud creates a new competitive advantage for organizations that embrace visual content for improved communication. And our collaboration with LG will enable enhanced groundbreaking webOS Signage solutions that bring tremendous value with lowest possible TCO for the enterprise." Userful will provide private demonstrations by appointment at two upcoming trade shows, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), February 5-8, 2019, RAI Amsterdam and Digital Signage Expo (DSE), March 26-29, 2019, Las Vegas Convention Centre.

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