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Userful Corporation Overview:

Operating since 2015 as a multinational corporation with headquarters in Silicon Valley, California, Userful is the leading visual networking platform for the enterprise. Organizations in just about every industry—from transportation to telecommunications, from healthcare to hospitality—in more than 100 countries have deployed Userful to drive intelligent displays from video walls to digital signs to locked down kiosks and beyond. Userful's solutions facilitate centralized management of the visual network, improve scalability and security and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Userful Corporation news

Userful Corporation Appoints Reza Razavi As The New Chief Technology Officer To Enhance Platform Solution

Userful Corporation, the provider of the software-defined AV-over-IP platform for the enterprise, announces the appointment of Reza Razavi as the company’s new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Prior to his promotion, Razavi was one of the key architects of Userful’s innovative visual networking platform solution, and he was the force behind Userful’s groundbreaking streaming technology. As CTO, Razavi will lead the development of the next-gen architecture for Userful’s award-winning visual networking platform, as well as the long-term technology strategy for the company. Enterprise visual transformation “We are thrilled to have Reza take on the role of CTO,” says John Marshall, Userful’s CEO. “Promoting from within our ranks is a priority for Userful. And in this case, it was fully warranted. Reza has served as a leading figure within Userful and embodies our spirit of teamwork and hard work. His focus will be to enhance our platform solution to support enterprise mission critical operations, as well as realize the vision of our, Platform-as-a-Service architecture to power enterprise visual transformation.” “I love the culture of innovation at Userful and how our market-leading visual technology empowers organizations and their people to improve operations and visual engagement,” says Razavi. “As CTO, I look forward to continue realizing our vision of supporting enterprise visual transformation.”

Userful Appoints Shane Vega In Mission Critical Operations

Userful Corporation, the provider of a software-defined AV-over-IP platform for the enterprise, announced the appointment of Shane Vega as Director of Product Marketing & Business Development. In this role, Vega will be responsible for scaling the product team and managing Userful’s expanding product suite.  “We are happy to have Shane join the Userful team”, says John Marshall, CEO of Userful. “His expertise in control rooms and mission-critical applications makes him the perfect fit to help us address the needs of our priority market and customers”. Mission-critical expertise  A subject matter expert, Vega brings more than 22 years of expertise dealing with advanced technologies used to provide situational awareness and brand awareness to his role at Userful. Most recently, Vega held the role of National Business Development Manager within the Advanced Solutions Group (formerly known as The Control Room Group) at AVI-SPL—the world’s largest AV integrator.  “During my tenure at AVI-SPL, I learned about Userful and their Visual Networking Platform,” says Vega. “I was immediately sold on their vision for the future of AV and mission-critical infrastructure for the enterprise, so when they asked me to join the company and help them enhance their product roadmap, I was eager to lend my support to advancing their market-leading technology. I look forward to being part of a company at the cutting edge of visual transformation platforms for the enterprise”  

Userful Expands Its Enterprise Solutions For The Digital Workplace With New Products And Services

Userful is a foremost and award winning provider of first 100% software-based AV-over-IP platform solution that allows mission-critical control rooms and operation centers to reliably monitor all their physical and software based security endpoint solutions. These include but are not limited to: VMS systems, Access Control Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, Data Analytics Applications and many, many more. All driven by Userful's cloud-cased, central management platform helping operators and managers interact with their security applications more efficiently whilst reducing response times. Userful’s Visual Networking Platform enables centralized management and control of an enterprise’s visual applications and AV services over its network. These new product offerings extend the reach of the platform enabling corporate IT departments to stream any operational content to any user, screen, display and device across the enterprise, including remote workers. Augmenting employee and customer engagement The digital workplace requires an intuitive and engaging work environment, means a visual work environment According to John Marshall, Userful’s CEO, “The workplace is evolving and transforming. Userful is addressing the new needs of the digital workplace by augmenting employee and customer engagement with its platform. Userful is providing organizations with the right tools for a successful operational transformation, either as an agile design partner at the front-end or afterwards in support of enhanced engagement.” “Analysts at Gartner have said, again and again, you can’t have digital transformation without quality engagement tools. The digital workplace requires an intuitive and engaging work environment, and an engaging work environment means a visual work environment. Userful’s platform is now empowering IT teams to deliver that visual environment enterprise wide.” Userful’s new offerings Borderless Operations: Secure Enterprise Streaming Userful’s new streaming solution enables operations to securely deliver critical operating information to branch/satellite facilities, remote workers, and anywhere that large distributed organizations need. This is an ideal option for customers in the mission-critical space (control rooms, command centers, NOCs, and SOCs) who need to share content displayed on their internal video wall with remote colleagues or other operation centers. Ubiquity - Any Screen, Anywhere: uClient for Android and WebOS Today Userful is launching a Certified uClient adapter, a new endpoint for AV applications that adds ‘smart’ capabilities to any display, video wall or direct view LED wall within the enterprise ensuring full display ubiquity. The new Userful Certified uClient adapter extends the smart-display capabilities—natively supported in LG webOS and Samsung Tizen displays—to any type of display. Userful’s Certified uClient adapter ensures IT teams are future-proofing their display investments with a solution that can deploy any application onto any display now or in the future. Centralized Management: Platform Monitoring The addition of AV applications to the IT stack poses certain challenges for IT teams in terms of network and system usage and health. In Q1 2021, Userful delivers brand new Platform Monitoring tools to evaluate the system and network performance for the Visual Networking Platform. This includes system diagnostics, alerts and analytics, and visualisations to help identify potential network or server resource constraints before they affect performance for the Enterprise. This gives IT managers the necessary tools to effectively manage their company’s visual transformation. Corporate Signage: Integrated CDN/Cloud Solution plus CMS Bundle With the launch of Userful’s uClient Adapter, Userful is adding an ‘out-of-the-box’ corporate signage offering with flexible CMS integration. By integrating CMS solutions into our Visual Networking Platform, Userful allows IT teams to choose what works best for them from a variety of options to seamlessly integrate engaging corporate messaging including COVID-related return-to-work messaging to ensure a safe return to the office. LED Solutions: LED Media Commander Userful offers advanced enterprise management security and control features to single controller LED walls with integrated controllers Today, Userful adds support for a broad range of LED needs. Userful’s solutions are secure, manageable and scalable to achieve the highest performance for any LED need, including gen lock for perfect synchronization across multiple LED controllers. The solution is software-defined running on industry-standard, non-proprietary hardware. It includes enterprise management, security and control features—such as role-based access control, cloud management and remote access. In addition, Userful’s software-defined solution offers advanced media processing from any source on the network. Userful also offers these same advanced enterprise management security and control features to single controller LED walls to support the new wave of LED offerings that come with integrated controllers— including those from LG and Samsung—using software deployed on off-the-shelf hardware. Unified Communications: Native Zoom Integration (BETA) In 2021, Userful is introducing a Zoom source for its Visual Networking Platform. For those organizations running very large multi-user sessions and Zoom Webinars, Userful now supports your needs. Unified communication is a key aspect of the digitally transformed enterprise, and the Zoom source will allow teams enterprise-wide to leverage any display within the Userful Visual Network to be used for video conferencing on a larger scale than ever before—whether on direct view LED walls, standalone displays, projectors or LCD video walls. Operations Streaming: Userful Virtuoso (BETA) In Q1 2021 Userful is launching the Beta of its new Virtuoso web app offering, an enterprise streaming solution that delivers operational information (data metrics, IoT sensor data, camera feeds, corporate video assets for sales and marketing, town halls) to any screen, anywhere, anytime delivering including mobile devices, desktop computers while allowing users to customize and personalize their experience to maximize productivity. Maximize flexibility and ROI for the enterprise Userful’s scalable, secure, the manageable platform provides IT teams with the power and flexibility to choose the end-point solutions that work best for them and seamlessly integrate all their visual applications and services for maximum engagement of employees and customers. The platform provides superior engagement for new digital services, anything as a service. These new products for Q1 2021 and beyond extend Userful’s capabilities and establish Userful as the leading streaming platform for visual applications in the enterprise—from control rooms to corporate signage, unified communications and more.