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Suprema Overview:

Suprema is a global leader in biometrics and securities technology. By combining world renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, Suprema is able to continually develop and manufacture reliable industry leading products. Suprema’s extensive portfolio of products include biometric access control systems, time & attendance devices, fingerprint/live scanners and embedded fingerprint modules.

Suprema supports world wide sales network that spans across more than 133 countries around the world and was the first biometrics company listed on Korea's stock market (KOSDAQ 094840)

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  • CE/FCC certifications for all access control products
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Suprema news

Suprema Unveils Its Thermal Camera That Integrates With FaceStation 2 To Detect Individuals With Elevated Skin Temperature

Suprema, a globally renowned provider of access control, time & attendance, and biometric solutions, has announced the launch of Suprema Thermal Camera that can be used in combination with FaceStation 2, the company’s face recognition device, to detect users with elevated skin temperature. Suprema Thermal Camera Suprema Thermal Camera is expected to enhance security and safety at sites by combining face recognition and skin temperature measurement. Suprema has increased the accuracy and consistency of temperature measurement by using the face recognition algorithm of the FaceStation 2 to pinpoint the upper area of a person’s face. FaceStation 2 Suprema Thermal Camera and FaceStation 2 can be configured differently for varying needs FaceStation 2 displays the skin temperature and thermal image of a subject’s face on its intuitive GUI, giving audio and visual alerts when higher than threshold temperature is detected. Suprema Thermal Camera and FaceStation 2 can be configured differently for varying needs. It can be set to deny entrance of users with elevated skin temperature while the ‘bypass mode’ will disable the face recognition feature and only admit users based on skin temperature. Integrated with thermographic technology System can also be arranged to trigger alarm and notifications to an administrator when the measured temperature is higher than preset threshold. Using advanced thermographic technology, Suprema Thermal Camera quickly and precisely measures temperature with 19,200 pixels per frame. With an accuracy of 0.5 degrees Celsius, Suprema Thermal Camera does not require blackbody reference for temperature measurement, improving ease of use. Easy deployment on new, retrofit installs Temperature data, which can be displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, can also be saved as event logs. Suprema’s Thermal Camera can be conveniently connected to FaceStation 2 via USB cable, enabling easy deployment on new and retrofit installs. “The new Suprema Thermal Camera demonstrates our market focus. There has been a growing demand for temperature measurement devices to be used at access points and Suprema’s Thermal Camera was designed to meet this need. Our cameras can be conveniently installed on FaceStation 2, enhancing safety as well as security,” said Young S. Moon, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Suprema Inc.

Suprema Announces Its Airfob Patch Retrofit Adhesive-Backed Device Wins Judges’ Choice Award From SIA New Product Showcase

Suprema, a global provider of access control, time & attendance, and biometric solutions, has announced that the company’s Airfob Patch won the Judges’ Choice Award from SIA (Security Industry Association) New Product Showcase Awards. SIA New Product Showcase Awards Since its inception in 1979, SIA New Product Showcase Awards has been the security industry’s premier product awards program recognizing innovative security products, services and solutions. The awards program, in partnership with ISC West, presented this year’s winners in virtual format. The Judges’ Choice Award, which recognizes the most innovative product within the physical security category, was given to Suprema for its Airfob Patch. Airfob Patch Airfob Patch harvests power from the RF field signals transmitted from the reader and stores it until needed Airfob Patch is a retrofit adhesive-backed device that attaches to existing RF card readers to make them compatible with mobile credentials. When attached to existing card readers, Airfob Patch acquires credential compatibility, power, and OSDP or Wiegand communication with the reader and adds Suprema's Mobile Access credential capability. Airfob Patch harvests power from the RF field signals transmitted from the reader and stores it until needed. The wireless method of power and data transfer eliminates the need to splice a reader’s pigtail for installation. Bluetooth-based wireless communication “Airfob Patch is the world’s first mobile-to-RF-card signal translator, enabling mobile phones to communicate with the existing RF card readers via Bluetooth,” said Young S. Moon, the CEO of Suprema Inc, adding “Installation is as easy as adding a sticker. No wire, batteries or construction is required.” Suprema Mobile Access and Airfob Patch were developed by MOCA system, a Suprema affiliate company that began in 2019 to focus on mobile access card solution. MOCA system has developed solutions that use stable Bluetooth-based wireless communication method that are being evaluated for patents. “SIA congratulates Suprema Inc. for being selected as the recipient of the Judges’ Choice Award in SIA’s 2020 New Product Showcase,” said Don Erickson, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SIA, adding “It’s this type of continual innovation and drive to succeed that advances the security industry and which contributes to the safety and security of our world.”

Suprema Introduces FaceStation 2 Smart Face Recognition Terminal And Mobile Access

Suprema, a global provider of access control, time & attendance and biometric solutions, recognized the trend towards contactless, biometric and cellphone credentialing long before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company's premier biometrics solution, FaceStation 2 Smart Face Recognition Terminal, employs intelligent facial recognition ensuring highly accurate personal identification and authentication for improved overall security with contactless operation. MobileAccess, Suprema's contactless credentialing solution, eliminates the need for costly access cards and proximity devices by utilizing iOS and Android smartphones as a secure personal access credential. Face Recognition "Suprema has been pioneering contactless access control solutions long before the COVID-19 pandemic and heightened market demand for safer and more secure access control solutions," said Young S. Moon, CEO of Suprema Inc. "Our FaceStation 2 Smart Face Recognition Terminal and Mobile Access contactless solutions seamlessly integrate with our BioStar integrated security platform to deliver comprehensive functionality for the most demanding security and workforce management applications." Suprema FaceStation 2 Smart Face Recognition Terminal delivers outstanding performance including: up to 3,000 matches per second; a memory capacity capable of accommodating up to 30,000 users, 50,000 image logs and 5 million text logs; live face detection with IR-based fake face blocking (anti-spoofing) technology; and multi-band RF reading technology to support the latest RFID standards for multi-modal credentialing when required. Suprema Mobile Access contactless solution The ergonomically designed and highly aesthetic device features an Android-based intuitive touchscreen LCD providing ease of use that requires little to no training for both users and system administrators. Suprema Mobile Access turns virtually any iOS or Android smartphone into a highly secure contactless access credentialing device, eliminating the cost associated with issuing access cards and proximity devices. FaceStation 2 will soon become compatible with Suprema Mobile Access, providing a seamlessly convenient and fast operation. Users can simply tap their smartphone on an RFID reader to gain access from distances within 10cm without the need to wake the host smartphone.