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Security and Safety Things GmbH announced it will be partnering with Bosch to highlight its open IoT platform for smart cameras at the first ever all digital CES® 2021, to be held January 11 – 14, 2021.

Security & Safety Things (S&ST) will showcase their IoT platform, which includes an open operating system for security cameras, a marketplace Application Store, modern device management including digital twins and an app development environment. The company will demonstrate how AI-enabled smart cameras can provide benefits for industries such as retail, entertainment and transportation.

Industry-Specific applications

Many industries are looking for ways to provide healthy, safe and exciting environments for staff and customers, uncover new business efficiencies and ensure full flexibility to react to future needs,” said Hartmut Schaper, chief executive officer, Security & Safety Things.

Many industries are looking for ways to provide healthy, safe and exciting environments for staff and customers"

The S&ST platform with its Application Store and open OS are transforming a new breed of security cameras into flexible IoT devices that can run multiple AI-powered apps simultaneously to analyze security, business operations and health and safety measures, along with other industry-specific applications. The ecosystem on our platform is growing rapidly and we are very happy that also Bosch with their INTEOX line is part of the impressive roster of camera vendors that have announced commercial availability of S&ST supported cameras.”

Smart traffic management

There will be a special breakout session on the vertical market capabilities of the S&ST solution, available on demand from the Bosch section of the CES virtual event website. The session will discuss how the S&ST platform can help increase retail store revenue while complying to COVID-19 guidelines, improve mobility, safety and efficiency with smart traffic management and enhance security and visitor experience at stadiums.

The S&ST Application Store already features more than 70 cutting edge apps from developer partners across the globe. To help developers, a special development environment, is optimized for the simple design and quick creation of apps. It provides tools and resources that enable developers to harness the latest AI and machine learning technology. This year’s all-digital CES© 2021 will continue to be a platform to launch products and connect industry pioneers – allowing the tech community to collaborate and share ideas.

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