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Security and Safety Things GmbH launches its App-Challenge, a contest offering developers the chance to present their solutions to industry players and compete for 3 x 10 000€ in prize money as well as the opportunity to present their winning application on the Security and Safety Things booth at GSX 2020 in September or a similar event depending on the COVID-19 situation.

All developed applications will be listed on the company’s open Application Store where they can be purchased by integrators and end users to be deployed in live projects. Participating developers must hand in a proposal for an app solution by May 6th, 2020 that solves one of several use cases in the retail, transportation or manufacturing sector.

Suspicious behavior detection

Developers can submit multiple proposals if they’d like to participate in more than one vertical. Use cases include:

  • Retail:
    • Dynamic privacy masking for cashiers
    • Shopping cart analytics
    • Spill detection
    • Shoplifting detection
  • Transportation & Smart Cities:
    • Social distancing and protective equipment (identify groups, presence of masks and gloves)
    • Suspicious behavior detection
    • Train platform analysis
  • Manufacturing & Logistics:
    • Digitizing analog industrial gauges, water levels and meters
    • Barcode reader (1d/2d)
    • Smoke & Fire Detection

Most innovative proposals

A jury of experts including Securitas, G4S, Kings Secure Technologies, Bosch, Ateksis, Convergint Technologies, Vision Technologies and Security and Safety Things will review the proposals and select the best and most innovative proposals for each category to enter the App Challenge. The chosen Developers will then receive a reference camera and will have time until the end of July to develop the proposed applications and upload them to the Application Store of Security and Safety Things.

The jury will then test all uploaded applications and choose the best three applications and therefore winners of the App Challenge, who will be announced later in August and win prize money of 10 000€. Throughout the whole duration of the challenge, participating developers will be able to benefit from various co-marketing opportunities with Security and Safety Things.

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