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Interface Security Systems LLC Overview:

Interface Security Systems is a leading managed service provider delivering business security, managed network, UCaaS, and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises. They improve security, streamline network connectivity, optimize operations and reduce IT costs, maximizing ROI for America’s top brands.

The company is uniquely equipped to meet the rapidly-changing technology demands of today’s retail, restaurant, hospitality, financial services, cannabis dispensaries and other distributed enterprises.

Their technology partnerships, together with their world-class command and control centers, operated by a team of security experts give their customers a significant competitive advantage.

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Interface Security Systems LLC news

Interface Security Systems Offers UCaaS For Retail Stores And Restaurants To Communicate With Their Patrons Via SMS

Interface Security Systems, a managed service provider delivering business security, managed network, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises, announces a new offering that enables its restaurant, retail and hospitality customers to communicate with their patrons via SMS and MMS text messages. Using their regular published business telephone number, businesses can have real-time two-way text conversations with their guests, inform them when their orders are ready to be picked up, or when their room is ready. Patrons can place orders, ask questions, and inform restaurants when they are waiting outside the store or restaurant for their order. Android mobile devices Available as a component of the Interface UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) offerings, the new text messaging app does not require businesses to equip their employees with new mobile devices or give out private numbers in order to communicate with customers. Multiple employees can access message threads across multiple devices Using the ‘Persistent Message’ feature, all messages are securely maintained in the cloud and can be accessed by any iOS or Android mobile device, tablet or computer. Multiple employees can access message threads across multiple devices. This prevents loss of message history and important information with the ability to maintain access on new devices should one of the devices crash or even run out of battery. Text messaging application Designated employees can login to the business text messaging application using single sign-on credentials, turn alerts on or off, search messages, manage settings, and more. “We are excited to work with our partners at Star2Star to expand our UCaaS suite of services with a new Business Text Messaging app.” “Our integrated mobile and desktop text messaging solutions will enable our customers to provide seamless service to their customers by using their existing business phone numbers. The cloud-based design provides flexibility in deploying this service and the persistent message feature offers ease of use across multiple devices,” said Tom Hesterman, SVP of Product Development at Interface Security Systems.

Interface Security Systems Deploys SD-WAN, 4G/LTE Wireless Connectivity, UCaaS And Video Security System For Thrive Restaurant Group

Interface Security Systems, a pioneering managed services provider that delivers managed network, business security and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises, recently provided Thrive Restaurant Group, one of Applebee’s largest franchisees in the US, with scalable network, communications and security services. Business security systems platform The new solutions include a next-generation secure SD-WAN architecture with network upgrades, 4G/LTE wireless capability, unified communications as service (UCaaS) with cloud-based VoIP and a secure and standardized business security systems platform. As a significant update to Thrive’s outdated legacy systems, the new Interface solution unclogs productivity bottlenecks and gives the flexibility the restaurant chain needs to address changing customer preferences. Managing multiple network and voice providers We needed a partner we could count on to manage our network, voice, and security for all locations" With 81 restaurants across the United States, Thrive found itself struggling with challenges common to many geographically distributed businesses, including managing multiple network and voice providers, dealing with outdated CCTV hardware, and a lack of accountability from vendors. “With 81 restaurants across ten states, we needed a partner we could count on to manage our network, voice, and security for all locations,” explains Brian Houchin, Director of IT for Thrive Restaurant Group. Troubleshooting technical issues When it came to managing vendors, Thrive simply had too many. Troubleshooting technical issues was challenging as it was difficult to pin accountability on a specific vendor. In addition, tracking invoices, service credits and administering multiple vendors was an inefficient and time-consuming exercise every month. Outdated hardware and changing regulations also posed a challenge. Unreliable CCTV equipment left the restaurants, employees and customers vulnerable to security risks on-premises. Constantly evolving Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance rules meant Brian Houchin had to devote hours of his limited bandwidth to keep up with the latest changes and updates, so that Thrive could avoid major penalties and security threats. With the COVID-19 pandemic significantly disrupting Thrive’s business, restaurant staff found it challenging to handle sudden spikes in call volumes, as they had to work with a legacy phone system that was not scalable. The lack of 4G wireless coverage, outside of the restaurant premises made curbside pickup and take-out services impossible to manage. Secure, scalable network and communications Thrive turned to Interface to implement a secure, scalable network and communications backbone that would unclog the productivity bottlenecks and give the flexibility the restaurant chain needed to cater to changing customer needs. Interface implemented a next-generation secure SD-WAN architecture with network upgrades to guarantee seamless connectivity between all of Thrive’s locations. To deliver a better guest experience for customers calling in with their orders and enabling curbside pickup and payment, Interface rolled out a 4G/LTE wireless network that also doubled up as a backup when the primary network failed. UCaas with cloud-based VoIP implemented With managed network services from Interface, Brian and Thrive never have to worry about PCI compliance With managed network services from Interface, Brian and Thrive never have to worry about PCI compliance. Interface also implemented unified communications as service (UCaaS) with cloud-based VoIP and auto-attendant features for Thrive’s locations to seamlessly route high volumes of customer calls to their dedicated order center. “We wanted to take the call-in experience out of the individual restaurants and put it into the hands of professionals who weren’t in a hurry to get off the phone,” explains Brian Houchin, adding “The VoIP service from Interface lets us take additional orders, dramatically improving our customer experience and increasing revenue.” Deploying secure video surveillance platform To solve the limitations of Thrive’s legacy CCTV infrastructure, Interface delivered a secure video surveillance platform with easy remote viewing from any location and simplified access management to boost restaurant security. Thrive’s partnership with Interface has allowed the restaurant group to focus more on their growth strategy and long-term plans. By consolidating their SD-WAN, UCaaS, CCTV and 4G/LTE services with Interface, Thrive gets real accountability without having to deal with the vendor run-around. Perhaps the greatest advantage is Thrive’s ability to aggressively expand, confident that Interface’s 24/7 managed services will always be ready to support their growth. “We’ve had a chance to test out multiple vendors for network, communications and business security and Interface definitely has provided us the best experience,” concludes Houchin.

Interface Security Systems Announces The Appointment Of Brent Duncan As President And Chief Operating Officer

Interface Security Systems, a renowned managed service provider delivering business security, managed network, UCaaS and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises, announced the promotion of Brent Duncan to President and COO. Interface Security Systems is a portfolio company of SunTx Capital Partners and Prudential Capital Partners. Since joining Interface in April 2019 as Chief Revenue Officer, Duncan has been instrumental in transforming the company’s go-to-market strategy. Under Duncan’s leadership, Interface expanded its service offerings to a wider range of verticals, launched new products and adapted existing products for new applications, formed new strategic partnerships, and increased their new customer acquisition by 165%, in spite of the global pandemic. Delivering outstanding results Brent will continue to lead the revenue organization while taking on the additional responsibility for the company’s operations functions, thus creating a structure where the entire sales process, services deployment, customer lifecycle support, governance and customer experience are all part of one unified team. Interface is also in the process of making substantial investments in new product innovation, IT infrastructure and people. Michael Shaw, Chief Executive Officer of Interface, said, "This is a well-deserved promotion for Brent. He has demonstrated strong leadership skills and delivered outstanding results in the Chief Revenue Officer position over the past 18 months. Expanding Brent’s leadership role in the company achieves my vision for an executive team structure that will optimize the future success of the business. I am excited to be working with Brent and firmly believe that our best years are yet to come.” Business intelligence Interface is unique in its ability to offer managed services that combine physical security and network infrastructure" "We believe Interface is uniquely positioned to help businesses integrate the management of their security, managed networks, and business intelligence. Doing this has always been important, but with the global health crisis it is even more important,” said Robert Derrick, Managing Director of Prudential Capital Partners. “We look forward to supporting Brent in his new role, and the entire Interface management team as they continue to focus on delivering the highest quality products and service to their customers.” Offer managed services "Interface is unique in its ability to offer managed services that combine physical security and network infrastructure. We feel confident that Brent is the right leader to take Interface through this next phase of growth," said Ned Fleming, Founding Partner of SunTx Capital Partners. “I’m honored to assume these additional responsibilities and am energised by the opportunities for us to grow our business. Working as true partners to our customers, we will continue to differentiate ourselves with our innovative technology, customized services and our philosophy of relentless customer support," added Brent Duncan, President and COO.