In its latest advertising campaign, Hikvision, the North American provider of innovative, award-winning video surveillance products and solutions, collaborated with the L.A. Contemporary Dance Company to convey the innovation and artistry that goes into making sophisticated video surveillance products.

Live Performance At ISC West

At the ISC West show next week, in addition to enterprise-level video surveillance solutions, visitors to the Hikvision booth and Partner Celebration guests will be able to see live performances by LACDC dancers and a “Behind the Scenes” video of the Hikvision-LACDC collaboration.

“At Hikvision we pride ourselves on being unique and innovative in everything we do and the Art of Video Surveillance campaign is just that,” said Manny Gonzalez, Hikvision creative manager.

The LACDC dancers illustrated Hikvision 360-degree cameras, PTZs and other specialty cameras. Whether it was a single dancer or group, the dancers’ movements corresponded to different types of cameras. “It was very cohesive. Who knew dance and video surveillance had so much in common,” said Genevieve Carson, artistic director, LACDC.

Coordination Of Parts To Complete The Whole

Gonzalez used a 360-degree camera to explain the metaphor. “There are many components and lenses in a 360-degree camera that allow it to cover vast areas and provide impressive video at high resolution. The same is true with dance, whether it’s one dancer or multiple dancers it requires the coordination of all the parts to work in unison to create a beautiful piece. That’s the link to our technology.”

LACDC artistic director Carson said LACDC and Hikvision collaborated closely on the creative and choreographic direction, but let the dancers do what they do best.

"Beyond security and products, the Art of Video Surveillance campaign is about our values as a company"

Unusual Artistic Endeavor

“It was really awesome and out-the-box, pairing a video surveillance company with a dance company,” said Carson. The unusual artistic endeavor flourished on a well-organized all-day photo shoot early this year. “Once we got in the same room it was super comfortable and exciting to watch the dancers embody the concepts of Hikvision and its products,” she added.

Alex Asnovich, Hikvision director of marketing said, “Hikvision supports the arts, programs in science and math, and we support communities. Beyond security and products, the Art of Video Surveillance campaign is about our values as a company.”

Visit Hikvision Booth # 18037 to see Hikvision’s enterprise-level solutions, future technology, participate in Thought Theater events, and to view the “Behind the Scenes” video of the Hikvision-LACDC collaboration. The LACDC dancers will perform at 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30 on Wednesday, April 5 and Thursday, April 6.

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