From hospitals to homes, HID Global provides the broadest portfolio of solutions to establish, create, use, and manage trusted identities in the healthcare environment. The company will demonstrate its compliant multi-factor authentication portfolio for electronic prescription of controlled substances (EPCS) as well as solutions to protect patient data. HID Global will also showcase its innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for healthcare, along with intelligent visitor management systems that enhance security at the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition next week in Orlando, Florida.

Healthcare Security Solutions

HID Global’s healthcare security solutions can be found in Booth #7752 and the Intelligent Health Pavilion (Kiosk #17) at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from February 19-23, 2017. Demonstrations include:

  • Architectural options to support strong authentication for EPCS: Complying with Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) two-factor authentication requirements with EPCS solutions that help implement electronic prescribing systems with DEA-compliant biometrics and identity-proofing using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificates.
  • Secure access to patient data, facilities, and supplies: Improving security and the user experience using the same smart card for opening doors and accessing hospital supplies to also tap in to laptops, tablets and phones for easy, secure access to patient data, cloud apps, and web services.
  • Intelligent patient visitor identity management: Centrally managing the entire visitor lifecycle to enhance security by streamlining manual processes for a first-class visitor experience that integrates with EHR Systems to provide real-time patient information.
  • The IoT in healthcare for a secure and connected environment: Creating electronic visit verification (EVV) solutions for secure proof of presence in home healthcare using cloud-based services that provide accountability and data accuracy to reduce billing fraud. New IoT solutions provide real-time location services to locate and monitor critical medical equipment.

HID Global will be featured in emergency room, outpatient room, and medical surgery tours to show compliant authentication for EPCS

Intelligent Health Pavilion (IHP) Tours

  • iHome Tour: In the home environment, HID Trusted Tag Services deliver a secure and seamless EVV method for in-home caregivers to accurately document their arrival and departure, helping providers improve efficiency and maintain more accurate service records.
  • Hospital Tour: HID Global will be featured in emergency room, outpatient room, and medical surgery tours to show compliant authentication for EPCS, as well as using tap authentication to mobile devices with a hospital ID badge plus patient and visitor ID management.

 Conference Speaking Sessions

  • Trusted Identities across the Healthcare Continuum, presented by Sheila Loy, Director of Healthcare Strategies with HID Global, who will step through how organizations can provide a seamless trusted identity experience in the healthcare environment on Monday, February 20, from 1:00-1:20 p.m. in the Innovation Theater.
  • IoT Workshop Panel: Real Time IoT in Holistic Healthcare Ecosystem, Mark Robinton, Director of Business Development and Strategic Innovation with HID Global, will explore connecting healthcare assets, property, and critical medical equipment to IoT applications on Tuesday, Feb 21, 2017, from 1:00-1:50 p.m.
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