At GSX 2018 on booth # 2951, Genetec Inc. (‘Genetec’), a technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, will demonstrate how true unification enables organizations to deploy a single platform that enhances situational awareness, streamlines and simplifies the operator experience, and reduces total cost of ownership.

Specifically, Genetec will showcase the latest version of Security Center -- the company’s unified platform that merges IP security systems within a single platform -- as well as Mission Control, a collaborative decision management software, and Clearance, a digital evidence management system.

With Security Center 5.7, users can augment their cyber resilience with cybersecurity features, and benefit from new enterprise functionalities for their access control system

Automating Security With Embedded Analytics

Visitors to the Genetec booth will be able to see the latest version of Security Center which lets users further automate their security and privacy protection through several embedded analytics and privacy modules. Visual reports that include dynamic charts and graphs deliver new insights and simplify the day-to-day activities of security professionals. They not only better understand their data but can also respond more effectively.

With Security Center 5.7, users can augment their cyber resilience with cybersecurity features, and benefit from new enterprise functionalities for their access control system. Genetec will also introduce additional Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management Architecture (FICAM) approved solutions for US Federal entities through close collaboration with technology partners like Mercury Security and HID Global.

Enhanced Situational Awareness And Operational Efficiency

Unified is a word that often gets misused or misinterpreted within the security industry. Typically, when vendors talk about unification, they refer to the clunky integration of independent products or the simple exchange of data between two or more security applications. These approaches don’t fully grasp the essence a unified platform, and end users unfortunately don’t realize the full benefits of a comprehensive security strategy.

Mission Control enables organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of incidents and situations, from monitoring incoming sensor data and detecting incidents, to resolution and auditing

Genetec Security Center allows you to monitor video and access, track vehicles through ALPR, communicate with SIP-based devices, and act using one platform, through a single interface. It delivers enhanced situational awareness, improved operational efficiency, and increased productivity by showing you the bigger picture,” says Jimmy Palatsoukas, Director of Product Marketing at Genetec.

Monitoring Sensor Data And Detecting Incidents

At GSX, Genetec will showcase solutions that allow customers to collaborate across functions including security, operations and maintenance. Designed to work seamlessly with Security Center, Mission Control, the company’s decision management solution, gives security personnel a holistic, unified, and map-centric view of their entire security and operational infrastructure so they make the right decision when faced with routine tasks or unanticipated situations by ensuring a timely flow of information.

Mission Control enables organizations to better manage the entire lifecycle of incidents and situations, from monitoring incoming sensor data and detecting incidents, all the way through to resolution and auditing. By collecting and qualifying data from thousands of sensors and security devices managed by Security Center, and spotting the most complex situations and incidents, Mission Control guides security teams in their response, following organization-specific processes and compliancy requirements.

Clearance allows police officers, investigators, and security managers to gather digital evidence from a variety of sources such as Security Center, body-worn devices and cell-phone footage

Gathering Digital Evidence From Different Sources

Genetec will also demonstrate the latest version of Clearance, a digital evidence management system designed to speed up investigations by allowing different organizations to collect, manage and share evidence and other relevant case information.

Genetec Clearance allows police officers, investigators, and security managers to gather digital evidence from a variety of sources (such as Security Center and other video management systems, body-worn devices, in-car systems and cell-phone footage from bystanders and witnesses), and easily store, manage, review and share it from within a single application. 

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