Dahua Technology USA Inc.

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., a solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, is to announce the availability of an evaluation program for the newly developed Dahua deepsense series IPC and NVR to customers in the United States of America.

AI-driven intelligent IPC

Dahua deepsense series IPC, equipped with Myriad 2 chipset by Movidius, Intel, is an AI-driven intelligent IPC that supports face capture and face attributes analyze, easily extracting age, gender, expression (include jolly, normal, surprise, sad, rage), glasses, mouth mask and mustache).

This evaluation program is to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence in security applications

For over 10 years, Dahua has been actively cooperating with Intel in the fields of NVR processor, machine vision, etc. Now the two extend the solid cooperation to the area of AI security solution, meaning to create even better user experience to global video surveillance community.

Dahua deepsense series NVR is an AI-powered intelligent NVR supports max. 64 channel Face recognition real-time (100,000 face database), 64 channel real-time structural video, such as age/gender/glasses /expressions and searching by face pictures, person features, etc. It is equipped with Seagate SkyHawk AI - the AI optimized surveillance HDD. This partnership with Dahua build on more than 10 years of collaboration to address the storage solution for video surveillance industry.

Security applications artificial intelligence

This evaluation program is to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence in security applications.

Companies which take part in this program will be able to evaluate the performance new technology in the field, provide their core employees with valuable trainings and even develop some proof of concept application codes to test drive new ideas.

Dahua Evaluation Program invites all to participate and become a technological pioneer oneself.

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