VIVOTEK’s wide range of panoramic cameras allows users to deploy their surveillance system both efficiently and flexibly

VIVOTEK will also be showcasing its
strategic partnerships with
AxxonSoft, Cathexis, Genetec,
and Milestone

After announcing the opening of a Middle East branch office in Dubai, VIVOTEK will go on to demonstrate its leading IP surveillance solutions at Intersec 2016, to be held from January 17th to 19th at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Located at booth SA-A37, VIVOTEK will display its latest IP surveillance solutions while also showcasing its strategic partnerships with AxxonSoft, Cathexis, Genetec, and Milestone - and the fully integrated solutions that have resulted from these partnerships.

As part of its continued commitment to the pursuit of the highest levels of technological advancement, VIVOTEK will highlight 4 key benefits at Intersec 2016, including:

Ultimate Bandwidth And Storage Saving

Well-known for superior image processing capability, VIVOTEK has now launched a range of H.265 solutions, including network cameras, and the 32-channel network video recorder, ND9541. What makes VIVOTEK’s H.265 solutions stand out from others in the field is the bandwidth and storage saving technology, Smart Stream II. By adopting VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream II and H.265 technology, users will benefit from reduced bandwidth and data storage demand by up to 80% more than other systems using H.264.

Long-Range Surveillance

When it comes to the construction of surveillance systems over a larger area, image quality and power supply issues are always the biggest challenges for installers and systems integrators. To overcome this challenge, VIVOTEK brings the new H.265 speed dome camera and long range PoE injector to the market. This powerful kit features long range data and power transmission for distances of up to 300 meters. It eliminates the need for additional remote-site power while ensuring stable and reliable operation and H.265 high-quality video transmission, making it ideal for the complex Middle East market.

Advanced Vertical Solutions

To allow retailers to measure visitor traffic and to improve business decisions, VIVOTEK introduces a new network camera with 3D-depth people-counting technology. Also on show will be VIVOTEK’s city surveillance solution with daisy-chain PoE network camera, which eliminates excess cables or power devices and significantly reduces the total cost of implementation. For traffic monitoring, VIVOTEK presents the IP816A-HP box network camera with its outdoor enclosure. This camera enclosure features built-in Internal IR, UPoE input, IP66 and IK10-rated housing, and offers wide range temperature protection from -40°C ~ 50°C. Finally, to capture high-quality video images even in the severe sand storms found in the Middle East, VIVOTEK will also exhibit outdoor dome models with dust-resistant features, which offer ongoing and reliable protection against extreme weather conditions.

Comprehensive Panoramic Monitoring

Making good its ongoing commitment to provide professional surveillance solutions across the market, VIVOTEK will also feature a range of wide viewing-angle, panoramic network cameras that can capture both more details and broader coverage of wide, open areas, such as airports, shopping malls, and parking lots while saving on installation costs. From the multi-sensor network camera, MS8391-EV designed to maximize the field of view while reducing the total installation cost, and the ultra-megapixel fisheye network camera, FE8391-V equipped with 12MP CMOS sensor, to the 3-megapixel vandal-proof fisheye network camera, CC8370-HV equipped with WDR Pro technology and view at a wide angle of 180 degree, VIVOTEK’s wide range of panoramic cameras allows users to deploy their surveillance system both efficiently and flexibly – no matter what , or where, the application.

Gabriel Yang, Operation Director of VIVOTEK Middle East office said, "with the establishment of the Middle East office, we are truly excited to present our solutions at this year’s Intersec 2016. We look forward to seeing ever greater growth in this growing market in 2016.”

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