AxxonSoft has integrated the access control and management system SALTO ProAccess SHIP into its Axxon Intellect Enterprise software package. The integration has been performed in partnership with The Smart Security Co.

As a result, the list of Axxon Intellect Enterprise supported appliances now includes wireless locks and cylinders, on-line (IP) and off-line controllers of SALTO Access Control as well as SALTO specialized solutions for evacuation exits with Anti-Panic devices.

The integration has made it possible to:

  • Receive Intellect events from SALTO Access Control and carry out a programmed response in the framework of the integrated security system;
  • Synchronize the lists of Intellect employees with the SALTO Access Control database;
  • Monitor the status of SALTO equipment on floor plans and control the equipment;
  • Exercise a remote photo identification of incomers using the video surveillance system and carry out other algorithms in the framework of the integrated security system.

SALTO Access Control System

The wireless SALTO Access Control System is designed to perform complex tasks of access control within premises and facilities of any type and purpose. SALTO Access Control is a simple yet secure system which does not require to lay out cables in the course of installation or to change previously installed doors and locks. The installation and management of the system require minimum time and resources.

SALTO Access Control allows one to integrate in one system the classic wire (IP) access controllers and innovative SALTO electronic locks and cylinders, both stand-alone and working in real time via radio channel. In addition, SALTO Access Control can include specialized access devices for doors, evacuation exits (with the Anti-Panic feature), plate glass doors, locks for lockers and cabins as well as special energy saving devices which let any line-powered appliance be part of a single access control system.

The use of the certified encryption algorithms for all data transmitted by SALTO Access Control via both local network and wireless channel as well as use of the safest modern rewritable RFID- media with hardware support of data cryptography make SALTO Access Control one of the safest and most reliable systems in the market, completely eliminating the possibility of data or card manipulation (card cloning).

Axxon Intellect Enterprise Software Package

Axxon Intellect Enterprise software package allows one to integrate disparate systems, namely security and fire alarms, access control systems, video surveillance and many others into a well-coordinated operating infrastructure. Thanks to Intellect, a complex of disparate security systems is transformed into a single infomedia able to respond flexibly to various events.


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