The 360-degree immersive imaging FullSight solutions and InSight series of cameras are great fit for Axxon Retail and Banking Suite of software
The combination of AxxonSoft’s video analytics and VMS make it a perfect fit with Sentry360 surveillance cameras

AxxonSoft announces the integration partnership with Sentry360 one of the fastest growing megapixel surveillance camera developers for a combined enterprise level solution to offer their joint customer base.

The combination of AxxonSoft’s powerful video analytics and scalable user friendly video management software make it a perfect fit with Sentry360 multi-class megapixel surveillance cameras. Sentry360’s strong emergence this year debuting the world’s 1st 14 megapixel surveillance camera which delivers extreme "Forensic Detail" capturing license plates and facial identification combined with AxxonSoft’s facial recognition and road traffic monitoring analytics delivers the best of both worlds high quality evidence worthy information with real-time alarming. This combination of technologies will be a great target for transportation, government and oil and gas market segments.

In addition, the 360-degree immersive imaging FullSight solutions and lower cost InSight series of cameras are great fit for Axxon Retail and Banking Suite of software which has full POS integration which continuously records a cashier’s workspace, and combines this information with sales receipt data to prevent fraud or theft by the cahier or customer. Reducing the amounts of cameras to install, record, maintain and purchase lowering overall costs plus delivers a full 360-degree viewing solution perfect for teller lines, check out areas and overall coverage of inventory to reduce shrinkage.

"AxxonSoft enables us to penetrate markets we would not have the ability to do before this integration partnership."

"This is a major step for Sentry360’s future growth in the exciting megapixel video surveillance market. Our goal is to be one of the top 5 companies in this market in the next 3-5 years and having strong partners like AxxonSoft enables us to penetrate markets and customers we would not have the ability to do before this integration partnership," Thomas Carnevale president of Sentry 360 said.

"The Sentry360 integration brings a complete 360-degree IP camera solution to our current and future customers. With a product line that scales from 1.3 to 14 megapixels, they offer the kind of diversity to fit a unique, broad range of real world applications," noted Evgenia Ostrovskaya, Global Business Development Director at AxxonSoft.

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