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In the last few months, everyone has had to pivot. It has been noticed that the new normal has actually helped a lot of folks get clear on a lot of things.

Vaion recently hosted a virtual event for physical security professionals, where almost all the questions raised were really about, “How can this help me do my job smarter, faster, and provide more value to my organization?” The answer to the question is:

  1. Think more strategically about physical security.
  2. Better leverage the video security products already owned.
  3. Harness the power of big data.

Vaion virtual event

Before diving into the value question, let’s set the stage. A mix of security professionals from a wide range of verticals, including hospitals, schools, airports, and a naval academy, have joined the virtual event.

Each visitor chose only the scenarios that he/she cared about, at virtual kiosks tuned to Commercial, Education, Government, Healthcare, or Retail sector needs. Not only did the company try to make it as close to a live booth experience as possible, but also offered it on-demand, allowing anyone to watch all or one of the sessions’ on-demand, at any point.

Unique virtual experience

It was particularly striking to see by how much the event mimicked a live tradeshow

It was particularly striking to see by how much the event mimicked a live tradeshow. Each Vaion booth staffer had a personal style and favorite anecdote. And each demonstration was unique. The difference from a face-to-face experience was palpable too, since visitors don’t get immediate feedback from body language or personal rapport.       

But mostly, attendees were impressed by the persistence of one theme, Value. It occurred to me that this is the universal reality of the current crisis. The new norm dictates, rather it demands that value takes center stage. This was clearly on display at the Vaion booth, with everyone hungry to solve problems in new and better ways.

Vaion shared what has emerged from their experience, working with security professionals from different industries and with varying needs. Getting clear and definable value from video security comes down to better leveraging resources to:

  • Catch threats before they escalate,
  • Do more with video surveillance than just security,
  • Support other functions in the organization, and
  • Get additional kinds of data and harness it for powerful new insights

Importance of harnessing big data

Better can also mean faster, a lower cost, the use of fewer resources, easier to deploy/use/maintain, and ‘dual’ compliance for both the present and future.

Security professionals know that safeguarding people, assets, and critical infrastructure, when the risks are only intensifying, requires keeping up with technology. But they often don’t realize how much harnessing big data can push them forward on the security and value curve.

Real-time detection, investigation and response

With a proactive mindset and the right solution, organizations can get better data and leverage it

With a proactive mindset and the right solution, organizations can get better data, and the ability to leverage it. It’s possible to get real-time detection, investigation, and response, along with the host of benefits mentioned earlier, just by applying resources more strategically. I’d call this achievable and meaningful value.

Oh, and back to the booth experience, including who won the Apple TV 4K! Visitors got to see real demos of solutions in action, which is always the best way to see the simplicity, power, and most of all, the value of proactive video security. Here is a quick overview of what they experienced:

  • Real use cases leveraging integrated video (and audio) analytics;
  • The simplicity of integrated analytics and historical timelines;
  • Smart map experiences for real situational intelligence;
  • Powerful similarity searches that easily find people, vehicles, and other objects;
  • Simplified management and policy implementations;
  • Secure remote access;
  • Integrations with access control.

And to ensure that the feel of a real booth is maintained, Vaion offered one lucky visitor the chance to win an Apple TV 4K and a one-year subscription with the winner declared, Nate Wetmore from Short Circuit Electronics, Inc.

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