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With fresh new, modern, and top-notch UI design, complete information coverage, their new website will bring a greater browsing experience.

The new site is easier to find the specific info that is most meaningful to the visitors and much more comprehensive than before with clear structure and categories.

Some highlights as below:

  • The full range of products has been well categorized, like Biometrics, RFID, Video surveillance, etc.
  • Solution and technologies are clearly demonstrated.
  • Download center will give you the best support.
  • The content will be updated routinely about the latest events or tech breakthroughs.

Smart security products

Anviz Global is committed to providing smart solutions based on cloud and AIoT technologies

Since 2001, Anviz is a provider of smart security products and solutions. With nearly 20 years of innovative technology development, Anviz has made significant progress. At this moment, technology is a new start, rather than an end. They believe that the future world must be a safer, smarter, more humanized, and connected world; this is why they have updated their slogan to Powering smarter world.

Powering a smarter world is our mission and action. With the company's core values of innovation, dedication, and persistence, Anviz Global is committed to providing smart solutions based on cloud and AIoT technologies to millions of SMB and enterprise clients globally.

Project protection system

AGPP is Anviz Global Partner Program. As intelligent security is one of the most promising emerging industries, the high-profit margin trend will last for a long time in the future. AGPP is designed for a different type of Anviz existing and expected partners to guarantee they can grow together hand in hand and have a long term successful partnership.

Except for full technical and marketing support from Anviz, one will find a strictly regional sales and project protection system in AGPP2.0.

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Anviz Global Inc. news

Anviz Releases FaceDeep 5 And FaceDeep 5 IRT To Ensure Safely Return To Work And School

Understanding access control technology has surpassed its core application as a security tool and is helping protect individuals from infection, Anviz announced the release of a strategic addition to its product line, Go Touchless - FaceDeep 5 and FaceDeep 5 IRT. Safely return to work and school during the post pandemic period leaves people with a question -with what health and safety precautions. Deep learning algorithm The dual camera for live face detection and mask, temperature alert are...

Anviz Provides FaceDeep Series AI-Based Face Recognition Terminal To Provide Mask And Temperature Detection Features

Along with administering vaccines, face masks have become another important way to keep one safe. In public areas like airports, hospitals, schools, offices, people are complying with mask rules. Security industries had to think of a way to ensure safety of individuals and to also keep up their business during the pandemic. And the solution was face recognition devices with mask and temperature detection features. Demand for face recognition devices has increased to 124% in the past year. Deep...

What Is The Impact Of Remote Working On Security?

During the coronavirus lockdown, employees worked from home in record numbers. But the growing trend came with a new set of security challenges. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: What is the impact of the transition to remote working/home offices on the security market?

Anviz Global Inc. case studies

Anviz Delivers Fingerprint Identification System For German Dürr Test Center And Office Building

Anviz German Dürr project: by using fingerprint identification access control and time attendance products, Anviz helps Dürr realize the no-card for its new test center and office building, and a brand-new fingerprint identification consummation system as well. Products details Installation site: Shanghai China, whole test center and office building of Dürr Hardware: P7, C2Pro, M5 Software: Crosschex Features: C2Pro for time attendance and consummation in the dining hall, M...

Anviz Provides Appia Residencias With T60 Fingerprint Access Control And Time Attendance System

Appia Residencias was looking for a combined solution for access control and time attendance. They needed a secure way of access control with a flexible time attendance function. They wanted to find a simple and secure solution instead of a traditional password or card. They also needed advanced access control with a time zone feature. After searching for an answer, they came across the T60 fingerprint access control and time attendance system. They realized this system could keep them secure u...

Anviz Provides OA200 Access Control System For PKB Head Quarters

PKB Agricultural Corporation Beograd AD located near Belgrade is the biggest agricultural production company in Serbia. It has many remote branches shown on the map. The goal of the project, was improvement of existing time, attendance, and access control system in order for PKB Head Quarter and all remote sites, to be integrated at the centralized monitoring center, with the idea all time and attendance data to be integrated into payroll application and overall costs related to that activities...