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Premier Mixed-use Property Protected By NVT's IP Migration Solution
Premier Mixed-use Property Protected By NVT's IP Migration Solution

The NVT Eo2TM is part of a solution that transmits over distances of up to 1,200 ft in the TWELVE The Mission TWELVE in Atlantic Station is Atlanta's premier live-work-play condo community. Its 26 stories of stunning architecture and luxury condominium residences are built atop a stylish boutique hotel and located in the heart of “Intown” Atlanta. The complex has over 80 cameras, covering the campus and additional areas such as sport recreation, parking garage, retail stores, and building perimeter. To meet today’s higher resolution standards, the original 2005-installed analog cameras were replaced with new IP-based equipment. The Solution Although IP surveillance system migration was necessary, wire distances far exceeded the 803.2 Ethernet standard, making it difficult and economically impractical to pull new cable. Fortunately, existing runs of up to 1,200 feet of Coleman 16/2 24VAC cabling were in very good condition. With those factors in mind, Blane Segura of Northwest Electrical Integration (NEI) conducted a technology review of available application options. He found that NVT was the only technology capable of leveraging just one pair of existing cable to power his 12 watt PoE cameras. During this process, Todd Dunham of CSC/ Atlanta demonstrated the NVT Ethernet over 2-wire (Eo2TM) technology. He has been a long standing proponent of NVT’s technologies. He was able to successfully perform an on-site demonstration at Atlanta Station. The Eo2 easily transmitted IP data and camera PoE over the extended distances. Russ Moore, the NVT sales representative at Murphy and Cota, assisted with technical issues and design details. The Result No additional costs were incurred by Atlanta Station to replace or add to the existing network cabling, nor was there any need to provision new IDF closets or use Ethernet cable extenders to support the distances. In selecting the NVT Eo2 Ethernet solution, NEI Inc. was able to deploy a flawlessly-installed, cost-effective state of the art surveillance upgrade, using existing cable at extended distances with no disruption to retail or residential customers. Product Footnote NVT’s Eo2 Ethernet over 2-Wire product is also capable of using all 4-pairs of a UTP cable extending power and data distances up to 2,000ft, or 1,300ft on Shielded Twisted Pair. NVT supports traditional coax based analog camera-to-IP migrations with the EoC Ethernet over Coax product. It works with legacy or new coax with data and PoE power at RG-59 distances up to 8,000ft.

NVT Secures Aircraft Service Complex
NVT Secures Aircraft Service Complex

Network Video Technologies' (NVT's) range of award-winning unshielded twisted pair (UTP) CCTV camera video transmission products, have been employed to provide high-performance CCTV transmission at five aircraft service and maintenance hangers at King Khalid International Airport. Located 35 kilometers (22 miles) north of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as part of a comprehensive airport complex that includes three terminals, a control tower and two parallel runways, the five specially equipped hangers are used to carry out repairs and scheduled maintenance on a variety of international and national airlines' aircraft.With over 10,000 sq. metres of floor space each, the five service hangers can cater to aircraft as large as the latest Airbus A380, Boeing 747-400, or multiple single-engine light aircraft. Assisting the provision of effective health, safety, fire prevention, and security procedures at the massive complex, an NVT-based CCTV system has been specified and installed by the Modern Buildings Group. Mr Mohammad Amin Almatt of Modern Buildings Group explains: "We planned to use CCTV images from the system for a variety of roles, including security, health and safety and fire/smoke detection, via the use of Video Smoke Detection (VSD) units, so the quality of video we required from the cameras was of great importance. "Employing a traditional coax based system at the site would have proven very costly, time consuming to install, and would have meant that an individual fused spur power outlet would have been needed at each of the 25 internal and 10 external camera locations. This would have added significant supplementary costs in equipment and installation time. Additionally, camera locations ranged from 200m to 1Km in end-to-end transmission distance to the on site control room. Employing coax over these distances would have been detrimental to the camera image quality in this mission critical system."NVT PVD™ is keyUtilising NVT Power, Video & Data (PVD™) technology, the Modern Buildings Group engineers were able to provide each camera in the system with low voltage power, transmit fiber-like quality to the control room, and provide camera telemetry - all via a Cat5 UTP network contained within each hanger's structure. From here, a 25 pair Cat3 UTP backbone is then used to transmit images from each hanger, back to the centrally located equipment and control room. Protecting the perimeter of each hanger, Pelco Spectra PTZ dome cameras with UTP outputs are situated on the exterior corners of each hanger. Images from these cameras are used to monitor the hanger environment for any possible unauthorized entry, and to ensure health and safety procedures around the hanger are adhered to. Within each hanger, Pelco Spectra Mini Dome cameras are mounted in four equally spaced positions along an interior wall. Each Pelco Spectra Mini Dome is equipped with a UTP video output that allows direct connectivity to the UTP cabling network and transmission back to an NVT NV-4PS10- PVD 4-Channel Power Supply Cable Integrator Hub. Each NVT Power Supply Integrator Hub is located at a secure point within each hanger and provides a 1 amp/channel power supply for each of the hanger's four cameras, alongside pass through video and telemetry data - all via each hanger's Cat5/Cat3 UTP network cabling infrastructure. Exterior cameras are linked via Cat5 UTP to a centrally located NVT NV-16PS10-PVD 16-Channel Power Supply Cable Integrator Hub, which also provides individual power supply and pass through video and telemetry data to the control room. "Powering cameras via the UTP connection was a great advantage," explains Mohammad Amin Almatt. "It ensured that we kept control of all aspects of the installation and did not have to rely on third-party electrical installers to provide fused spurs for each camera point. This also presented a significant installation cost-saving that we were able to pass on to our customer." UTP Transmission - Network Backbone and Control Room Camera signals are transmitted to the on-site control room via a 25-pair Cat3 backbone, where they are received by two NVT NV-1672 16-Channel DigitalEQ™ Active Video Receiver Distribution Amplifier Hubs in the equipment/control room. Employing NVT's latest generation DigitalEQ™ technology, theNV-1672 is a 16-channel active (amplified) hub that allows the transmission of real-time monochrome or color video for distances up to 1,6km (1 mile) using UTP cable - well within specification of camera infrastructure at the airport, the furthest of which is 1Km from the control room. The DigitalEQ™ receiver hub continuously and automatically conditions each video signal, compensating for cable attenuation, wiring polarity, ground loops, and voltage transients, independent of video signal content. This DigitalEQ™ technology provides the best possible image quality right from the moment of connection - all of which were of advantage to the Modern Buildings Group engineers whilst installing and commissioning the system.    King Khalid International Airport has been provided with an innovative electronic surveillance solution Mohammad Amin Almatt explains: "Utilising the NVT NV- 1672 hub with DigitalEQ™ technology meant a smooth, error-free and rapid installation process for our engineers. Via simple cable connectivity, we were able to consult the intuitive LED indicators on the hub's front panel to instantly diagnose both power and video connectivity for each channel. Had we used a traditional coax transmission method or powered each camera locally via a dedicated fused-spur, we would not have enjoyed such simple and instantly accessible connection diagnostics, which could have resulted in an protracted installation period." In addition to on-site monitoring and recording via the latest control and DVR technology, the high- performance images are also monitored by electronic Video Smoke Detection software. VSD was developed to overcome the difficulties encountered in environments where traditional forms of smoke and flame detection are considered to be ineffective or impractical, such as the aircraft service hangers. False alarms could be frequently created as a by-product of everyday on site processes. To overcome this, the Riyadh system uses VSD technology that analyses live CCTV camera images - using advanced video analytics to detect the unique movement of smoke via the behavior patterns of each pixel in the video image."This is why a consistent quality of image is so important at the hangers," explains Mohammad Amin Almatt. "Using NVT technology we were able to provide both the DVR and VSD devices with conditioned, interference free video. Thanks to the continuous and automatic conditioning of the video signal via the NVT DigitalEQ™ technology, the image quality remains consistent and unaffected by changing conditions, such as interference levels or changing lighting conditions - critical for these types of video analytic packages. This again removes the need for any further image adjustment and eliminates another potential source of false alarm." If the unique graphical signature of smoke is detected within the video image, the VSD system can automatically release fire doors, sound alarms and provide speech evacuation commands through the PA system - all whilst alerting an onsite fire response team that consists of five separate fire stations with specialist fire fighting vehicles.  "The system's performance is proving a great success," concludes Mohammad Amin Almatt. "We have provided an innovative electronic surveillance solution that fulfills multiple roles within the unique demands of the aircraft service environment. Thanks to our expertise and NVT technology, we were able to deliver a reliable, high-performance and cost effective CCTV solution to our customers at King Khalid International Airport."

NVT UTP Hybrid Video Based CCTV Surveillance Protects New Gaming And Leisure Areas Of Regency Casino
NVT UTP Hybrid Video Based CCTV Surveillance Protects New Gaming And Leisure Areas Of Regency Casino

The only gaming facility located in the greater Athens area, Regency Casino Mont Parnes attracts an ever expanding number of visitors from around the globe, with thousands visiting each year to enjoy its world-class facilities. Catering for its increasing popularity, the casino is progressing a €110 million reconstruction program. Forming part of the reconstruction, the Regency Casino has extended its existing NVT UTP Hybrid Video based CCTV surveillance network to cover new gaming and leisure areas, creating a system that now comprises more than 170 cameras. Following the acquisition of 49% ownership two and a half years ago by the consortium of Hyatt Regency Hotels & Tourism (Hellas) and Elliniki Technodomiki, annual turnover at the casino has grown to over €180M per year. An interim renovation project at a cost of €11 million was completed within the first few months of the take over, while the ambitious program to fully reconstruct the complex is scheduled for completion in 2013. The expansive site features a cable car system to access the casino’s hilltop site, which will include an adjacent 5 Star hotel, a luxurious spa, swimming pool, bars and restaurants, in addition to extensive gaming facilities. Amongst the attractions for players are almost 1,000 slot machines and 65 playing tables, including Poker, Roulette, Punto Banko and Blackjack. This number will soon be expanded to 1,500 slot machines and 110 tables – making Mont Parnes the biggest casino in this area of Europe. Its wealth of facilities and activities has guaranteed Regency Casino Mont Parnes a place as one of Europe’s top tourist destinations. Specifying The System Piotr PJ Grzejszczyk, Director of Surveillance at Regency Casino Mont Parnes explains how the security specification process unfolded: “When upgrading our CCTV system, we knew exactly what we wanted from our CCTV system at the newly redeveloped flagship site, and to secure the best technical partner, we were given comprehensive demonstrations by prospective suppliers. After these presentations, it was clear that NVT UTP Hybrid Video could provide us with surveillance image quality comparable to fiber, allied to significant installation cost savings, and we began a staged replacement of our existing coax-based CCTV transmission system.” During the specification process, video transmission via fiber and IP was rejected in favor of NVT UTP Hybrid Video, due to the superior performance and comparative cost benefits when compared with that offered by the use of the NVT UTP alternative. Cat5 cable is considerably cheaper than coax or fiber-optic cable, and simpler to install due to its inherent flexibility that helped to minimize engineering time on site, disruption to the casino’s daily business, and overall project duration – all with the associated cost saving and project management benefits. The cameras included in the installation were connected to NVT NV-214A-M UTP Video Transceivers Employing NVT Hybrid Video in preference to an IP network also enabled the use of cost-effective analog cameras at the casino, rather than more expensive and comparatively poor-performing IP alternatives. Specified and installed by Signal Electronics Security, cameras included in the installation were connected to NVT NV-214A-M UTP Video Transceivers, then via a Cat5 cable network to eleven NV- 1613S compact 16-channel passive UTP transceiver hubs. Located in the casino’s dedicated equipment room, the NVT UTP hubs ensure reliable and crystal clear footage is delivered to the recording equipment from every camera in a CCTV network – the furthest of which is located 225 metres away. This maximizes camera investment and guarantees all visual information is delivered interference-free, for effective live monitoring by the casino’s skilled operator team and archiving by the latest DVR/NVR recording devices. As UTP color coded, multi-pair cables are much smaller (one-tenth the diameter) and can achieve a much tighter bend radius than previously employed coax bundles, so cable containment and space management at the casino was greatly simplified. This meant the sumptuous new interior architecture and luxurious décor of the Regency Casino Mont Parnes remained unaffected by the installation of the camera transmission system – something that would not have been possible with the previous coax transmission system. NVT Hybrid Video Is Key Additionally, with such a large camera network at Mont Parnes, maximising surveillance scene content for each camera at the casino was essential in the provision of an economical and high performance CCTV system. NVT UTP video transmission enabled the ideal location for each camera to be realised; free from the constraints of cumbersome coax, or minimal radius (and expensive) fiber-optic cables. Since its re-launch, the comprehensive electronic surveillance system has proved a critical tool in the daily running of the casino – where it has been used to confirm the result of contested bets and provide an unparalleled security and health and safety tool. Piotr PJ Grzejszczyk continues: “Controlling the cameras from our specially built, on-site control room, our trained operators are able to access any camera via a 30-monitor wall display and their own twin-monitor workstation. The high-quality CCTV images provided by the system means cards, chips and money can be easily identified and tracked, and contested bets resolved quickly and easily.” Commenting on the Mont Parnes installations, Vasilios Harbilas of Signal Electronics said: “The simplicity of installation and high-performance of NVT UTP Hybrid Video makes it ideal for all gaming environments. High quality CCTV images are essential to the smooth daily operation of the casino, and coupled with the inherent expandability of NVT UTP Hybrid Video, provides the perfect CCTV transmission solution for any casino and gaming environment.”