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Monitor Type
Effective Screen Size Inches
Resolution TVL
800 x 600
Housing Material
Monitor Mount Type
Video Input
CVBS: 1Vp-p, 75ohms, Cinch Y/C: Y= 0.7Vp-p, C= 0.3Vp-p, 75ohms, 4-pin MiniDIN
1 Vp-p, (C)VBS, 75 Ohms

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Panasonic CCTV Solution Enables Constant Crowd Monitoring At Portsmouth FC
Panasonic CCTV Solution Enables Constant Crowd Monitoring At Portsmouth FC

From humble beginnings in 1898, Portsmouth Football Club has grown to become a top English side, finishing the 2006-07 season in the top half of the Premier League table. Narrowly missing qualification for the European Cup by just 2 points, they have ensured their place in this year's FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium. Playing at their original Fratton Park ground throughout the club's 110-year history, the stadium has undergone many incarnations and modernisations to keep apace with the demands of modern sports stadia. A key component of this evolvement and to the smooth running of match day events, is a newly installed turnkey Panasonic surveillance solution. Security keystone Commissioned into service for the start of the 2007/2008 football season, the Acctive Systems installed CCTV system is the culmination of many years involvement of the company and Panasonic at the ground, and provides the club's organisers with the security keystone they need to support a concerted security effort on match days. In addition, during the week, the new system also provides comprehensive protection for Portsmouth FC's offices and adjacent retail outlets. Acctive Systems first became involved with Portsmouth FC four years ago, when they were awarded the club's maintenance contract, inheriting an 11 camera legacy system, containing products from a wide variety of manufacturers, and of varying ages. Following the team's recent success, further investment at the club has allowed Jason Kirton, Portsmouth FC's Facilities Manager to take advantage of a security budget that would permit a restructuring of the surveillance operation. Dan Bishop, Technical Surveyor at Acctive Systems takes up the story: "Our familiarity with the ground provided a solid platform for us to undergo a review of the existing system's weaknesses, and to address those areas highlighted within a completely new system design. Assessing Jason's and his team's needs for the system's deployment on match days and general usage, also gave us the opportunity to fulfill the review's findings with a quality branded solution." IP network camera system Panasonic's CCTV solution provides an IP networked camera system that utilizes a range of Panasonic products  The CCTV solution provides an IP networked camera system that utilizes nine Panasonic Super Dynamic III WV-CW964 fully functional domes, three WV-CP484 static color/mono Super Dynamic III cameras, and three WV-CW474 high-resolution color/mono vandal resistant static dome cameras. Allowing remote viewing via Portsmouth FC's dedicated IT network, specific computers have been equipped with Panasonic WV-AS65 Management PC Software, to permit authorized monitoring of the Fratton Park ground and its surrounding area. Providing comprehensive coverage of turnstiles, entrances and exits, key thoroughfares, and the whole of the ground's interior, the new system provides Jason and his team of security staff, stewards and police officers, with an integrated surveillance backbone. Jason explains: "The Panasonic based surveillance system has become invaluable to the smooth and safe running of events and has helped us to meet the safety standards of the Football Association Safety Advisory Group, and as documented in their ‘Green Guide'. Right from the beginning of match days, even before the fans arrive, our safety officer and the police match day commander use the system to oversee all parts of the ground and its surrounding area; from the match day control room, which overlooks the playing pitch and stands. Taking control of the cameras, via a Panasonic WV-CU650 system controller and four 17" WV-LC1710 LCD Monitors, they can visually verify that all fan ‘footfall roots' are free from obstacles, such as parked cars. When fans start to enter the ground, their progression is constantly monitored. If there are too many fans inside the ground that are not yet seated, fan flow into the ground can be restricted by the gate stewards. Contactable by our dedicated radio network, this allows blockages to clear, and to resume a safe, normal flow. Conversely, we can also increase people-traffic flow into the ground if crowds are building up outside. "Our ticket office is housed within the Megastore complex of buildings 200 meters from the stadium. Recently built to form the basis of daily operations at Portsmouth FC, this area can also generate another hotspot on match days. Again viewable from ether the match day control room, or any of the WV-AS65 software equipped networked PC's, we can monitor this sensitive area where public order incidents are likely to occur. These may be customer disputes over tickets, or large numbers of visiting away fans collecting tickets, that will need to be carefully monitored whilst on route to the ground itself."  The Panasonic controller's functionality allowed operators to monitor a number of individuals at a touch of a button  Multiple applications When inside the ground, the system's role is primarily that of crowd monitoring, being deployed for both security and safety applications, Jason continues: "We constantly monitor the crowd and inform stewards of any potentially problematic incidents, allowing them to deal with situations before they can escalate into a bigger problem." Using programmable camera ‘preset' and ‘home' positions, programmed via the Panasonic controller, Jason's team can focus cameras on specific fans' seats, in particular, those known to be potentially ‘problematic' season ticket holders. "This allows an instant check to be made on a number of specific individuals at the touch of a button," adds Jason. Utilising a Panasonic WJ-HD316A digital recorder and associated WJ-HDE300 external hard drive extension unit, during match events, to ensure maximum clarity and detail all camera images are recorded in maximum resolution. This advanced facility also allows fast download of selected video footage to third party media should an incident need to be investigated off site, or for prosecution purposes. Using this set-up, Jason also has the ability to archive all footage from a season's home matches, by transferring the data to portable drives, building an archive of the year's matches that can be referred to at any time. In addition to the Panasonic system's use on match days, its intuitive specification by the Acctive team combined with technical flexibility allows Portsmouth FC to benefit from the system's powerful surveillance capabilities throughout the rest of the week. Here, it addresses a variety of different issues, with the system providing constant security for the ground, the club's administration and retail facilities, purpose built office facilities, and the adjacent Pompey Megastore. A two-minute walk from the ground, the Megastore is a busy retail outlet, where fans are drawn throughout the week to purchase the football club's latest gear. Comprehensive video surveillance Employing Panasonic Super Dynamic III WV-CP484 static color/mono cameras (along with infra-red lig hting) on the exterior of the building, backed by 22x zoom Panasonic WV-CZ352 static cameras, and a Super Dynamic fully functional WV-CW964 dome camera, the interior and retail floor is monitored via WV-CF284 static mini domes. This means that on a daily basis, full-time security staff enjoy comprehensive surveillance monitoring, accessed via the multiple Panasonic Management PC software equipped work stations, linked via Portsmouth FC's own network. Jason explains: "Our exterior cameras are each linked to Redwall perimeter detectors, which if tripped during the hours of darkness, trigger preset camera positioning, to provide an instant alarm and visual verification of any unauthorized on-site activity." Recording at a reduced frame rate on non-match days, to maximize recording capacity, all footage is archived via a 16-channel Panasonic WJ-HD316A digital recorder, located in the administration building's first floor server room. This allows Jason to access not only live camera footage via his office PC but also recorded footage for quick retrospective investigation of any incident. Panasonic flexible surveillance solution successfully addresses customer's needs As well as surveillance of the retail and office buildings, Jason also has extensive surveillance access to the Sports Bar and corporate hospitality facilities. "These areas are used on match days for corporate guests on pre-paid hospitality packages," explains Jason; "And throughout the week for conferences and functions. We also use the networked CCTV system to cover our two town center based shops, one in Portsmouth's Cascades shopping area and the other in the nearby town of Fareham, and this, along with a large warehouse used to store our shop and internet shopping stock. Here, the system is protecting valuable goods around the clock." By effectively auditing their customers needs, and addressing them with the use of flexible Panasonic technology, Acctive Systems have supplied Jason and his team at Portsmouth FC with a comprehensive surveillance solution that not only protects fans on busy match days, but that also assists in the smooth running of the club's day-to-day business activities.

Honeywell And BPS Provide Video Monitoring Solution To Ireland’s Tallest Building ‘Obel’
Honeywell And BPS Provide Video Monitoring Solution To Ireland’s Tallest Building ‘Obel’

  Obel, the tallest building in Ireland, has received video monitoring solutions from HoneywellCosting £60 million and measuring 85 metres (265 ft) in height, Obel dominates the Belfast skyline. It has overtaken the current tallest skyscraper in Ireland which is Windsor House (80m) and is also in Belfast. Obel was developed by the Karl Group and is located on Donegal Quay on the river Lagan beside the Lagan Weir. The development consists of 282 luxury apartments and this ultra modern construction has two underground car parks and commercial and retail space in development.The SituationBlackbourne Integrated M&E is the electrical and mechanical contractor responsible for all aspects of management of the buildings and facilities at Obel. Building Protection Systems (BPS) based in Belfast is the security installer for the project and specialises in the specification, installation and maintenance of security, video, access, fire and intrusion systems.Karl Group, the company that owns Obel, has an obligation to provide safe and secure parking for residents. As an exclusive address in the heart of Belfast, residents expect their cars to be monitored and for thieves or vandals to be deterred from any illegal activity. Equally residents expect the entrance and central lobby area of the tower to be monitored closely to prevent intruders and unwanted guests from entering the building."We are pleased that we were chosen as specialist sub-contractor for the supply & installation of security and fire systems for this prestigious project", said Clive Kinnear, Senior Manager Security Systems, BPS Northern Ireland. "We have worked closely with Blackbourne Integrated M&E to ensure that our systems were installed on time for the completion of the building."For the Obel project, Blackbourne required a cost effective CCTV solution with the capacity to record and store surveillance footage to provide 24/7 video monitoring of the underground car parks and lobby area of the building. Part of the requirement was for the cameras to be vandal resistant and able to withstand the damp environment of the underground car park as it is very close to the river Lagan.   Security and safety is a primary concern for people residing in the buildingBPS turned to Honeywell to deliver the right product mix for this project. As a market leader in video surveillance, CCTV and digital video recording solutions, Honeywell provided the right equipment to meet the clients' requirements.The Solution With the requirements clearly defined, Honeywell was able to provide the cost effective solution specified by BPS and Blackbourne Integrated M&E.The two underground car parks have been fitted with 21 Honeywell HD4 vandal resistant colour mini domes for the following reasons:Resistant to attack whilst having an environmentally suitable housingDelivers high quality pictures and resolutionCameras are able to withstand the rigors of the car park environment - damp, cold, moist and low light conditionsThe HD4 provides a camera and lens as a single, vandal resistant, compact unit that is easy to install. The rugged scratch resistant 3.5 mm thick polycarbonate construction can withstand heavy external impacts. In addition, the housing incorporates a new vent that prevents any condensation from forming inside the housing. This innovative camera with waterproof properties, meets IP66 standards for critical outdoor installations. Three Honeywell HD3 Series colour mini domes are deployed in the lobby area of the building to monitor people entering the building and lift usage.The HD3 Series was used for the following reasons:Captures clear, crisp video and improves recorded video quality when used with a digital recorderTamper resistant housing protects the camera and cablingDiscreet housing The video surveillance cameras from Honeywell are designed to withstand the rigors of the car park environmentThe HD3 is a camera and lens unit integrated as a one-piece, tamper proof and compact unit that can be surface or flush mounted for fast and easy installation. It is attractive and unobtrusive yet provides a crime-deterring presence around-the-clock with its excellent low light imaging protection.Two Honeywell 16 Channel 1Tb HRDPX Performance Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) have been installed to record and store the video footage from the domes in the car park and the lobby. They are monitored onsite by a dedicated operator. Two Honeywell HMLCD 19x LX monitors have been installed to view the stream of footage collected from the DVRs. The highly cost effective HRDPX16 Performance Series DVR offers a high image per second (IPS) recording rate combined with a feature set comparable to many high-end embedded DVRs.The HRDPX16 supports continuous, event and combined continuous/event recording and is configurable per channel. Upon detection of motion, the HRDPX can automatically boost the images per second recording rate to capture additional details of the scene. This is a vital feature of the DVR in aiding the production of video evidence. Once video evidence is located on the HRDPX16, the user can save video clips to the PC and/or to portable media such as a USB stick using remote software. For example, if an incident occurs that requires police intervention video evidence is quickly and easily extracted from the DVR. In addition to recording at a rate of up to 400 IPS PAL, the HRDPX16 supports high-end capabilities such as a user-friendly front panel control, mouse operation, infra red remote control, express search to quickly find video evidence, an internal DVD-RW and two USB ports for copying evidence to portable media.Honeywell's HMLCD19LX LCD monitor is designed specifically for the security industry to provide high resolution display of computer signals and/or composite video. Because they consume less power, generate less heat and last longer than conventional CRT monitors, LCD monitors are more cost-effective over long term use."We chose BPS due to our very successful working relationship on many other projects and their professional approach to completing installations on programme," said Conor Cannon of Blackbourne. "We chose Honeywell because of their quality and cost effective video solutions," added Clive Kinnear. The tamper resistant housing of the Honeywell dome protects the camera and the cablingThe BenefitsThis was a trouble-free installation for BPS, a company with a wealth of expertise and experience in the fire and security industry. Importantly, it has met the client's exact requirements and specifications and was delivered within the agreed timescales.A successful video monitoring system should provide the following:Peace of mind for the tenants24 hour surveillance of the building and car parkSecure environment to live inProducts which are fit for purpose Honeywell and BPS were able to deliver on all of the critical success factors. Honeywell has a wide portfolio of video products and provides solutions for many applications. The choice of cameras was particularly important. Car parks are prone to cold, damp conditions but are also at risk from vandalism. This made the HD4 vandal resistant domes a perfect choice for this application. The relatively new HRDP DVR range has proved to be ideal for Obel delivering straightforward installation and simplicity of operation and providing the facilities team with a 24 hour video monitoring solution which in turn delivers peace of mind and security for Obel residents."The solution provided for Obel is of the quality we have come to expect from BPS and Honeywell and will meet our requirements for years to come," added Conor Cannon.