ASSA ABLOY Code Handle

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The cost-effective, hassle-free way to protect private rooms from public access.

You don't have eyes in the back of your head. It is impossible to keep watch over every private door in a public-facing space: the storeroom in a shop or pharmacy, or the toilet for staff use only. That's when you need Code Handle®. This simple, secure, easy-to-fit handle with a built-in PIN-pad locks the door for you — with no wiring, no expensive access control system, no cumbersome keys and no major changes to your current door. 

Code Handle works with an electronic PIN code to make sure only authorised people, like staff, can unlock the door. Press a 4-digit code on the handle’s keypad and the door opens. Code Handle adds security and convenience to any private room adjoining a public area. 

Sure, you could continue using a key-operated lock on every door. But then you have to keep track of the key and remember where it is every time. For busy doors, chasing up keys becomes a full-time job. The solution is the simple, affordable Code Handle. You’ll receive a Master Code and up to 9 different user PINs. Code Handle has another trick up its sleeve. It locks itself when you close the door. Did you remember to lock up? Don’t worry, because Code Handle never forgets. 

Simple installation

Upgrading doors is a snip, because Code Handle is easy to install and retrofit. It works together with your existing locking unit: keep the cylinder or lock and only change the handle to a battery-powered Code Handle. All it takes is two screws to fit a Code Handle to almost any interior door. No need to cable the door or connect it to the mains. No need to install a complex system. 

When do you need Code Handle?

What is in your archives? Irreplaceable documents deserve an extra layer of security. Are your drug and medicine stores safely locked? An all-in-one secure PIN and door handle keeps casual intruders at bay — and keeps you on the right side of compliance. 

If your shop is busy, who keeps watch over the store room? Public areas with high traffic are hard to police when you can’t afford a security team. So, if your toilet is for customer use only, Code Handle keeps it locked without the hassle of a key. 

And what about the office? Surely not everyone on your floor should be reading the documents you left on your desk? 

Code Handle keeps sensitive files, private rooms, personal belongings or valuable stock separated and secure from the public. 

You can’t see what’s behind you. Thankfully, with Code Handle, you never need to. 

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer ASSA ABLOY
Model code Code Handle
Lock Type Electric Locks
Additional info
  • Code Handle® works with an electronic PIN code. This way only authorized people, can unlock the door simply by pressing the code on the handle’s keypad.
  • It can be fitted to your existing locking unit, so you can keep your cylinder or lock and just change the handle to a battery-powered Code Handle.
  • Adding Code Handle to your door adds security and convenience to your private rooms in public areas.
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