ACT Introduces The New Time And Attendance Module For ACTWin Pro 2.3

Product Profile

In business, using manual time recording or punch cards to keep track of employees’ time can be a cumbersome task.  With the new Time and Attendance module from ACT, employees may use one card for clocking in and out as well as facilitating access control within their working environment.  In addition to this, the software offers advanced management tools in the calculation of attendance reports.

Main Features:

  • Employees time and attendance calculations
  • Attendance tracking
  • Holidays management
  • Absence reporting
  • Distribution of personnel by department
  • Report generation
  • European Working Time Directive compliance
  • Export to payroll applications


  • View/Edit Clockings
  • Absence Management
  • Audit Trail
  • Anomalies


  • Accumulated Hours
  • European Working Time Directive compliance report
  • Absentees report
  • Absence analysis
  • Bradford Factor report
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Technical Specification

Make ACT
Manufacturer Vanderbilt Industries
Model code ACTWin Pro 2.3
Max No. of Doors per System 64
No of Cardholders included 30,000
Photo ID Yes
Time & Attendance Yes
Central / Remote Monitoring Yes
Import/Export of Information Yes
Web-enabled software Yes
Multiple Tenants / Partitioning Yes
Additional info

Prevent unauthorized access to areas by staff visitors or strangers. Provide secure and speedy access to secured areas for authorized personnel. Record all card and door transactions by time and date in the powerful ACTWinPro database. Add and delete cardholders in seconds. Control and administrate remote sites via ACTWinPro software.

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