In today’s news round-up, Larry Anderson focuses on analytics as he takes a look at real-world scenarios that have taken advantage of the latest video analytics systems. Whether it’d be monitoring pedestrian exit lanes at airports or providing business intelligence on the average speed of vehicles, there are many ways that video analytics can be used beyond security needs. In another article, Larry also touches on how high-quality images can maximise the success of any video analytics installation.

Following Canon’s bid to buy Axis, Fredrik Nilsson reiterates Axis’s commitment to open systems in our latest Security Beat article. In his latest article on the role of veterans in security, Randy Southerland explores the benefits of hiring veterans as uniformed guards and management personnel. Finally, at the upcoming Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Europe, taking place 4th and 5th March 2015, Ivo Opstelten, Minister for Security and Justice of The Netherlands will be delivering the opening keynote presentation and touching on Europe’s changing position on security and the protection of its assets following the recent events in Copenhagen, Paris and Brussels. Read more security news…


In today’s weekly round-up, as the Canon-Axis acquisition continues to dominate the news agenda, Deborah O’Mara gets initial reactions from a number of system integrators on what the consolidation means for the companies and the security industry as a whole. Taking a different angle, Larry Anderson highlights the shared history of the two companies and gets the inside scoop from Fredrik Nilsson on the future of Axis following the buyout.

Focusing on video analytics, Larry Anderson summarises views from some of the leading providers on how the technology has matured into a robust and dependable option for a variety of applications. In another article, he also looks at how multiple high-value markets such as critical infrastructure, airports and transportation are embracing the technology. In our latest Round Table article, our Expert Panel highlights some of the other surprising developments in the security industry over the last 12 months. Finally, Charles McCready of Panasonic explores the recording considerations for an evolving security market, giving tips on how to choose the right recording solution. Read more security news…


In today’s news round-up, following Canon’s $2.8 billion bid to buy Axis Communication, Larry Anderson takes a look back at the companies shared history and gets the inside scoop from Fredrik Nilsson on what the acquisition means for both companies. Speaking to SecureWatch, Deborah O’Mara unveils details about the company’s new $4 million commercial and residential central station – Fusion Centre – and explores SecureWatch’s growing focus on video surveillance and new technologies.

In application news, Comelit Group UK has supplied an IP video door entry system for a multi-block residential development within the idyllic north London village of Mill Hill. At the University of Bath, students can now have 24-hour access to laptops and games consoles thanks to Traka’s asset management lockers & key cabinets. The lockers also help the university to protect its investment and manage the use and misuse of the equipment. Finally, Matrix Comsec will be launching its access control panel and readers at Secutech India 2015, which takes place from 12 – 14 March 2015. Read more security news…


In today’s weekly round-up, Canon’s bid to buy Axis Communications was undoubtedly the big news of the week, with blanket coverage worldwide. In a deal estimated at $2.8 billion, this is set to make Canon a force to be reckoned with within the security industry, particularly with its previous acquisition of Milestone Systems in 2014. Two days on from the breaking news, Larry Anderson looks back at potential clues that the deal was on the cards. IHS Analyst Jon Cropley has also responded to the acquisition bid, which he claims could be the start of a series of major acquisitions in 2015.

With the rise of cloud-based systems, our Expert Panel discusses the current limitations of the technology in our latest Round Table article. Switching attention to the pending transaction between Vanderbilt and Siemens, Larry Anderson looks at what steps Vanderbilt is taking to finalise the deal and the challenges involved. Lastly, Randy Southerland’s latest article identifies why so many security companies are favouring military veterans, employing them for various positions including manned guarding and management roles. Read more security news…


To end the working week, we begin with more pre-IFSEC updates. At the show, Canon Europe will be unveiling a whole host of products, including its new line of high definition network surveillance cameras and network video recording software. Salto will also be showcasing a number of brand new access control products at the show. Later this year, at G2E Asia, Dallmeier will be presenting a broad range of high definition video security solutions for casinos.

In other news, following Japan’s nuclear disaster and instabilities in the Middle East, Nazrey Khalid, Senior Research Fellow for the Maritime Institute of Malaysia, has advised that these events are bringing about a dynamic change in the global energy market place, forcing countries to reconsider their energy infrastructure security options. Lastly, Avigilon has appointed Keith Marett as the company’s new director of marketing and communications. Read more security news…



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