Please join us for a FREE Webinar to discuss how the emergence of 4K and other higher-resolution cameras is impacting the need for additional video storage. Further complicating the use of higher-resolution cameras may be a need to add additional cameras to a system. End users also need to comply with security policies that mandate longer retention times for recorded video. But how can integrators and end users meet the anticipated higher storage requirements?

Join us on Thursday 30th July for the first in a three-part series on How Surveillance Trends Impact Storage Needs. Click here to register now.


In today’s weekly news round-up, Larry Anderson’s latest Security Beat takes a look at the security market post Canon acquisition, with a focus on the company’s efforts to commit to open systems. Taking a look at video analytics, our latest articles in the series look at real-world scenarios that have taken advantage of the latest video analytics systems, and how the retail industry is benefiting from the use of video analytics.

In the transportation vertical, Larry looks at how general and purpose-built cameras are performing well, with new features available including facial recognition. Finally, on the topic of organisational resilience, Michael Fickes provides an overview of its meaning and how it is affecting the security industry. Read more security news…


Looking back over the past week, we have had quite a few interesting applicationsthe ‘Metal Mickey’ is going to watch over life-boats, Rainbow CCTV customised surveillance cameras for HSBC’s all-glass buildings in Mexico, a MOBOTIX CCTV solution strolls through the Crossgates Community Gardens, and SCORE! Sony’s CCTV surveillance scores at the FC Porto Dragão Stadium.

If you are interested in events other than football, the PSA-TEC 2010 is taking place at the moment, and Samsung will be exhibiting new Vision 2010 products. ASIS 2010 is coming up a little later in the year, and more than 20,000 security professionals from around the world will be attending. Read more news…

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